Friday, 24 May 2013

Chinoz On The Park @ KLCC

Since I just finished my practicum, I have some time to blog about food. My family and I finally got the opportunity to try the food in Chinoz On The Park in KLCC. We went there for breakfast.

They serve breakfast buffet but they also have a la carte meals as well. It is also halal. When we sat down, no one came to give us the menu. We waited for some time with waiters walking all around our table. In the end, I asked a waiter for one and then only it came.

I did not take pictures of the buffet because it was not appealing to me. :P I saw cakes, cereals, fruits, yogurt, nasi lemak... well, it was breakfast time. Next time I'll go during lunch time.

Not to worry, the food was good as well. My dad said it was cheaper and better than Domes. So there you go. Large portions as well.

My sister and dad ordered English Breakfast. It costs RM 28 for one, and comes with coffee or tea.

English Breakfast, RM 28

There are eggs, sausages, baked beans, 5 cherry tomatoes, fried mushrooms (which was juicy and yummy. Dad said it's English style so yeah English Breakfast), ham and a crust of bread. My dad said it's supposed to be served with bacon, not ham.

The English cook their tomatoes until it's mushy, which I didn't like. My dad also told about his experience eating breakfast in London when he was in a residential college, telling us how the English cook their meals.

I had time to play with their food too. See what I saw XD

Mr. Smiley

I ordered Mascarpone Cheese Pancakes with an assortment of fruits. I cannot recall the exact full name of the dish. I love the taste of mascarpone cheese! Yum yum. It costs RM 18.

Mascarpone Cheese Pancakes with fruits, RM 18

There are 2 slices of fluffy pancakes, peaches, blackberries, honeydew, blueberries, strawberries and mascarpone cheese. Berry berry full. Berry berry delicious. I would order this again. I even ate cherry tomatoes because my sister do not like tomatoes. XD

My drink was called the Eye Opener. They blend oranges, strawberries and carrots. It costs RM 15.

Eye Opener, RM 15

Esplanade (G47)
Suria KLCC
50450 Jalan Ampang

Contact number: 
03- 2166 8277

Email address:


  1. Tried the food there before. It's quite good.

    And stop playing with your food! LOL.

  2. RM28 for english breakfast?! oh noooo i think i will never go there. ><

  3. wooooo... food looks good! Chinoz actually have some good dishes but I wouldn't go there for weekly basis. Maybe once in a blue moon la :P

    1. Yeah, in a way you pay for what you get la. Portion bigger than Domes.


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