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Outdoor Adventure, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park

Why hello and greetings on a sunny month of May day! Just a matter of time the weather decides to change and rains heavily. *shrugs*
I know I have not been blogging for months now (please don't slaughter me) due to previous semester's heavy workload of staying back to complete sewing my garments (yes, I'm le fashion student kononnya muahaha) but now I'm here to re-pay my debt to all of you!
And I promise on a good post on foooood. :D
That means true comments on the food, be it good or bad.
However, this post from me won't suit to all readers because it is a non-halal restaurant that me and my friends went but if you are interested, do read it with an open mind. :)

As the title goes, the restaurant's name is called Outdoor Adventure (but I kept dismissing the word 'Outdoor to Outback' which has a similar westernized restaurant down in Bukit Bintang area). This restaurant cum bistro is located in Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, along the corner lot of Star Village. Apparently Outdoor Adventure is a sub-restaurant family by Star Village. This is not only Outdoor Adventure is owned by the same company, but the interior and the feel of the overall restaurant is very similar to Star Village. And the funny thing is, these two restaurants are just side by side. What a weird location decision done. I'm not sure if Outdoor Adventure is a new alternative to change Star Village's name and concept but they're not exactly doing it right. (just saying)

Anyway, we got to know of this restaurant through Groupon deals where one of my friends spotted its affordable pork platter+beer set and its strategic location to most of us. It costs RM138 for 6 people and it comes with various choices of pork assortments from pork knuckle, smoked pork bacon, foot-long frankfurters, roasted ham, roast pork, cocktail sausages, and cheese pork sausages. They even have mango salad and mixed salad to flush down those fatsss. :P

We had a choice between Asahi or Calsberg beer which I immediately say yes to Asahi because I really dislike how Calsberg tastes. Since I have not tried Asahi (they have sponsored numerous events and raves these days so it makes them quite in demand now) so me and a few more who are more beer-pro (cheh wah) decides that Asahi is the ideal beer to drink for the night!

Size of the Asahi beer comes in about 2litres. At first we thought it wouldn't be enough to fit all 6 of us but we ended up playing beer games and finished it just enough.

The taste reminds me a little of Hoegaarden and Tiger beer infused in it. It has a rich taste to it and unlike Heineken, which I can literally drink as water. Lolol

The pork platter and the salads

The pork bacon here has a rather nice fatty taste to it but too bad it was just enough for one slice for each person. :(

The roast pork and the frankfurters platter. To me, the frankfurters were very normal, nothing great or unique to it really. The ham was okay, well seasoned and not too dry. The roast pork has a lot of white pepper in it, be it ground or crushed ones. The fat content of the roast pork is also very heavy which I am not into it.

The pork knuckle. Seriously, my friend struggled to cut this pork knuckle into pieces and there were way too many parts that were overcooked. Or I am thinking that this pork is very old, thus the hardened fats and muscles. Not really a good impression of a pork knuckle to me. :/

Upclose on the frankfurters platter. Apologies for the blur, pixalted pictures. All of the pictures are taken through iPhone (not mine) and I didn't bring my handy ol' DSLR for this round's post. :(

Mango Salad. Served with mango( of course), raisins, cucumber, turnip, pineapple, lettuce, purple cabbage, tomatoes with thousand island

Another round of salad but this is not as sweet as the mango salad. Served with cherry tomatoes, turnip, big onion, purple cabbage, lettuce, green pepper, pineapple, cucumber and raisins with thousand island sauce.

Upclose of the mango salad

Despite the lack of spark in the food we ate, there are some good pointers I managed to find out. For one, I have noticed is that the waiters serving there are rather friendly and mostly done by non-local waiters (something hard to find). One of them are even so fluent in Cantonese! And since one of my friend had just passed her birthday, some of us decided to buy a slice of cake for her. The staffs from the Outdoor Adventure dimmed the lights and played a birthday song for my friend. Lucky her. And they have a really nice candle that looks like a flower that blooms with candle lights and even played song in it! But Tyng said that the candle was originated from Star Village, which I have no clue of. Maybe they're just reusing it I suppose. But the epic part hasn't come just yet. One of the waiters actually brought two Afro wigs for the birthday girl to wear! Hahaha. Indeed it was a memorable one. I'd post a picture of her and me (yes, I wore the other Afro hair, rainbow colored!!) but then I don't want to embarrass her.XD

Although there is oneee thing I'd like to point out; despite the friendly customer service they have, one of the waiters had a bad body odor which I can't seem to avoid to notice. In my opinion, overall appearance is very important in sustaining a good customer service.

Well, hopefully he notices his own manly smell and change to a more manly fresher, acceptable to everyone's smell. xD

I have looked through their ala-carte menu and the type and food serving served there is very similar to Star Village. An average chicken chop can fetch up to RM23, which I deemed to be quite pricy. But maybe they will have a better taste than other westernized restaurants, I'm not sure.

Will I go back? Only if there is another Groupon deal for their ala-carte menu.

Oh, if it helps, we went at 7pm for dinner and they start their operating hours from 6pm onwards for the 2nd session. But then it merely depends because they insist on calling before coming over.

Wi-Fi: Yes (UniFi)

Operating hours: Monday-Saturday: 5pm – 11pm / Sunday: 12pm – 11pm


Outdoor Adventure 

No. 2, Jalan 11/116B, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, Kuchai Entrepreneur Park, 58200, Kuala Lumpur



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  1. Thanks for blogging about it. The deal is on again in Groupon :) I was thinking about the deal which is reasonably priced. However, pork knuckles is my favorite food among st all the other dishes and if that does not taste that great, I will give this a miss :)


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