Thursday, 29 November 2012

CEO Karaoke Box @ Fahrenheit 88

This is my second time sing K here at CEO by Neway. I came here 4 months ago for my last 21st birthday party with family. What makes me come back here again? Actually it's their buffet food ! I have tried most the karaoke place dinner buffet at different places such like Green Box (Sg Wang Plaza) , Red Box (Low Yat Plaza) & Red Box Plus (Pavillion , KL) but not as good as here. 

#1 This is the sushi counter & my favorite counter among the food they serve here. Can you spot the menu on the right side of the picture? They do serve unagi & tuna sushi if is available on that day although the menu didn't show the unagi or tuna. I got to know that they serve unagi & tuna when I asked the chef whether they serve unagi. He respond to me, "YES we do serve unagi" & said I'm "a good eater" =P.

#2 They serve vegetarian too

#3 A lot variety of cakes , jellies and fruit tart.

#4 I'm ordering teriyaki chicken at this counter & they cooked on the spot. Previously I came here they cooked clams with "belacan sauce".

#5 A wide variety of fresh salads , hams , pepperoni ham & sausage salads .

#6 You can order 3 sushi per time so I decided to order salmon & ebiko sushi. The only thing I remember in my mind about this buffet food is the freshness of the salmon. This salmon sushi tastes much better than Sakae Sushi or Sushi King in terms of the sweetness of the salmon & freshness.

#7 As usual my youngest brother and my niece love tamago sushi alot! Right side of the picture is chuka sushi or known as octopus sushi

#8 This is white chocolate fondue although it looks like soup bowl but actually last time
they have a huge chocolate fondue machine here dripping from level to level.

#9 Chocolate flavor fondue serve with watermelon or honey dew.

#10 I knew ice blended can make me full very easily but it's my favorite.

#11 Although the chocolate and white chocolate fondue are meant to be served with fruits but I put the fondue on top of my ice creams as topping flavors. The white chocolate doesn't really taste very sweet & it's just nice to eat. They serve 4 ice cream flavours. I love their honeydew flavour because inside the honeydew ice cream got sago too & it taste like the honeydew lolo.

#12 This is tuna sushi. My first time experience eating tuna sushi is at Shogun ( Fahrenheit 88) and it was so soft and tasted terrible to me. My younger brother told me their tuna sushi at here very fresh so I figured why not I give it a try again. Their tuna is very fresh too like other sushi & it's not shown at the menu too. You have to request it from the chef & it is subject to availability also.

#13 Salmon sushi , salmon sashimi and wasabi.

#14 Top of the 1st  picture   - You can get to try their Chinese Chicken Soup here.
                        2nd picture  - Front desk of the CEO Karaoke & their Halloween theme.
                        3rd picture  - 30% discount on head charge for all ladies (Sun -Thurs)
                                           - 20% discount on head charge for all ladies (Friday -Saturday)
                                           - During normal hour session check in before 9pm
                        4th picture  - Wifi couldn't connect to iPhone but can connect to Android user.
                                               My brother is using Sony & can be connected.
     Bottom of the 1st - 4th - CEO menu, 2 drinks can be ordered from the 2nd picture to the 4th picture.    


Fahrenheit 88, 
Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100
Kuala Lumpur


014-6692600 (SMS Hotline)


-RM58 ++
-Number of head count should not be reduce after check in
-10% service charge & 6% government tax

The room in this karaoke was quite small maybe the table is not movable and small space to
walk around . You will have your own personal washroom for every room. The staff here are friendly & everyone can sing from 6pm till 4am!!! That's the best part after all.


  1. ohhh looks interesting! sing from 6pm-4am with great foods!

    1. You should try it one day ! It is really good ;D


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