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Teluk Intan-Ipoh x AJNH (Day 2)

Sorry it took me so long to post up another post. My bad for going out a bit too often to catch up with several of my friends and the energy has been fully utilized when I got back home. Lol.
Without further a-do, I shall present you my 2nd post on 2nd part of Teluk Intan food and first half of Ipoh food.

The following morning, we headed to Jalan Permaisuri, supposedly a famous street of food for breakfast which are available as early as 5am. Wow. We only got there at about 10.30am, which pretty much everything good was sold out and what was left were disappointing food. :/
If you noticed on the picture below, there are actually two rows of food stalls you can find, where there are several stalls selling the same type of food (laksa, curry mee, midnight chee cheong fun etc) and with different pricing. So, look out for the crowded stalls (when you go early) and survey all of the stalls first because some stalls may charge you more expensive for the same bowl of curry mee (as an example).

The stretch of food you can find at Jalan Permaisuri. Do take a look on both rows of stalls as some may sell the same food at different prices. Always believe in crowded stalls (only applicable if you come early at about 8am, I believe that's the time where good food still sells.)
That soya bean stall? Total disappointment. Although people may perceive a cup of soya bean at RM0.90 is cheap but once you sipped that cup, boy you wished to splash back that so-called soya bean drink to the seller. No taste at all and to be nice, maybe too much of ice in the container diluted the whole soya taste.

Close up of the soya bean drink. They sell tau foo far too but for a small bowl (I mean really small bowl (I did not manage to take the picture in time, my sister already took up the whole thing by then although it sucked)) for RM1.50. C'mon. The tau foo far selling at Petaling Street is sooo much better for the same price you pay.

Kali mee. Curry mee. RM3. Nah, nothing nice. The curry is not heavy on the santan side, but more on the curry powder side. Portion size is equivalent to the price you pay.

I'm sorry to say but I don't know the name of this dish. Apparently this is the signature dish from the stall we chose to sit down and pretty much ordered every of the dish they sell. RM3.50. The sauce really reminds me of a combination between a mamak rojak sauce and chee cheong fun 'cheong' sauce. The one in brown color? The sweet type? Yeah. Combine that both and you get the exact taste for this mee's sauce.

My Mee Jawa. LOL. I had to laugh because this does not taste like mee jawa at all. Or the least I tried was the Malay style Mee Jawa and its very different to what I tasted here. I think the sauce is entirely made out of tomato sauce because that's pretty much what I tasted. RM3.

The stall's name where we had all the food, except the drinks. Don't bother ordering their 'Fu Chuk Yi Mai'. Doesn't have any 'liew' (condiments), just the plain drink itself. :/

This is Char Siew Sticky Rice. One of TI's famous food. The yellow sticky rice is exactly like malay style nasi pulut and the only thing special is the char siew (sweet pork). But all I tasted are all pork fats. D:
One of the shops selling heong piah biscuits in TI town, nearby the slanting tower. We didn't buy from here as we think they are sold expensive.

This is the shop out of TI town that sells really good heong piah biscuits. It is called Sin Guan Hoe. The first night when we reached TI we tried to buy but it was sold out entirely by 7pm. :O We headed the next day to buy. One heong piah biscuit packet of 12 pieces cost RM4.90.

Sin Joo Heong heong peah biscuits. The tiger face I grew up with. Rawr!

Entrance of the shop. People buy a lot of heong peahs here. Lol. The packaging here is much nicer. One heong peah packet of 10 pieces cost RM4.90. When we went, the biscuits are packed and made freshly and on the spot.

Employees of Sin Joo Heong hard at work packing each heong peah in fancy packages

All ready to go!

This is my dad's friend's grocery store, just next to Sin Joo Heong. Drop by if you want to buy some ol' style 90's food and snacks here. It even sells the Jutaria (a copy Malaysian version of Monopoly at RM3! and several cool games like batu seremban and also penutup botol. :D The good ol' days.)
To feast your eyes. Have you played it before? :D

So, we kinda head off to Ipoh after our not-so-satisfying breakfast and stopped at Ipoh town for some yummy lunch.

We went to Wah Nam Restaurant for our lunch!

Don't be deceived by its pale color. This white coffee packs a punch of flavor and richness. RM1.50 for cold

Halfway eating. We ordered some Dim Sum as well, they were alright, nothing too great, the Wu Kok (Yam with Char Siew) and Char Siew Paus' however were good!

Hakka Mee. RM3.50. I like the noodles. Been always on a lookout for such noodles. The taste is alright. A bit too salty for me.

Dry Curry Hakka Mee! RM3.50 as well. Mine was much better compared to the Hakka Mee. The curry is rich and the siew yok (Chinese Crispy Roast Pork Belly) is good too. :)

Errr. Chicken Hor Fun. Very sad looking portion. This too costs RM3.50 per bowl.

Char Siew Pau. Very fresh, soft and fluffy. The bun is well made, hot when eaten, char siew inside was good too.
So, that's the end of my 2nd post on Teluk Intan-Ipoh trip.
Hope you guys are starving now. :p
The last post will cover my last night in Ipoh and I will be covering Cowan Street's Chicken and Keow Teow Restaurant.



  1. yes yes yes! the tiger heong pia!! =DD i love!
    anyway rm0.90 and rm1 soya bean milk to me, takda difference.. =.= 0.10 cheaper is not consider chaep. lol

    1. LOL. Apparently it is a psychological pricing. Anything that starts with 9 has gotten more customers to think it is cheaper. Lol


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