Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Rendezvous Steak Garden @ Taman Billion, Cheras

Muahahahaha. Fondue. Muahahaha. I finally got to taste it again. By the way, Rendezvous is pronounced as ron-deh-voo. 

We went to the one in Taman Billion. Forgive me if the pictures looks dark, because the restaurant itself is dark.

I ordered Chicken Macaroni and Fusilli. The price is RM 11.80. I love the taste because it reminded me of how my mum used to make her spaghetti with chicken drumsticks. I lost the recipe unfortunately.

My cousin ordered Seafood Marinara. The price is RM 11.80 also.
 When it came to our table, I could smell it. The prawns I guess.
She said it was very salty.

Andrew ordered Black Pepper Chicken Chop. Again, it's RM11.80. We should buy lottery number.
I can taste the mint sauce. I am not really a chicken chop fan. We were all terpukau with the fondue so we did not take a picture of his dish. Even he didn't. XD

The three of us shared Fish Cheese Fondue :D
The cost is RM 16.80
The cheese was marvelous. Yum yum! It even went well with the carrots. The fire was 'waving' at us so it was like it was playing catch with us. It was like a mini bonfire so we joked that we could bring our own marshmallows or meat to BBQ here. My cousin and I have not tried melted marshmallows before! 

The cheese fondue comes with one plate consisting fried fish meat, vegetables, fries and a bun. Do we call those fries?

I couldn't decide which picture looked best so I show you two!

Cheese cheese cheese! While I'm typing this I feel like eating it now.

Fish dipped into the cheese.

Oh my gosh, hungry! 

40, Jalan Siput Akek,
Taman Billion, Kuala Lumpur,
56000 WPKL


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Business hours:
Open everyday
Monday to Saturday: 5.00pm to 1.00am
Sunday: 5.00pm to 2.00am

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