Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Heart Shape Watermelon

Feeling a little thirsty? This is my first time attempt to do this heart shaped watermelon fruit juice with my younger brother, Alfred's help. It is quite easy to do on your own too. I got this idea from somebody's post in Instagram.

 Step 1 -Buy watermelon from nearby supermarket & cut watermelon into half.

 Step 2- Use chopstick to sketch a heart shape by poking small dots.

 Step 3- Use spoon to carve deeper into the watermelon & reshape into heart shape.

Step 4-At first I'm making green apple & watermelon juice but the color is not attractive so I decided to blend half of the red dragon fruits, as shown in the picture above.

Step 5- Pour the juice into the heart of the watermelon.

Step 6 (Final)- Feel free to decorate anything around the watermelon like putting mini umbrella & straws too but too bad my house don't have any of that so I decided put the other half of the dragon fruits to fill the empty space.

After drinking the juice & still left half of the watermelon to eat ! Wahaha =P

-1 Watermelon
-1 Dragon fruit
-1 green apple

- Spoon
- Chopstick
- Knife


We appreciate the time you took to read our post and drop a comment or two :) Many thanks! We solemnly swear we ate everything on our plate, unless it is inedible :P or it tasted so bad no one can go through chewing and swallowing it anymore.

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