Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Paddington House of Pancakes @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City

The day we went to watch Skyfall, we had breakfast first in Paddington House of Pancakes. It is considered as one of my favourite haunts because I have really no idea where else to eat o.O The same people are still working there. Wow.

I would declare that this restaurant serves the best carbonara to my liking. I hope the quality doesn't drop as this happens to a lot of eateries. Food are mostly made by humans after all.

The price for the carbonara is RM 15.00

Inside this carbonara, there is a poached egg, chicken bacon and mushrooms. It not not super creamy. Those who doesn't like creamy food can take this. It doesn't make you jelak. The portion is also just nice for a small eater like me. Even for Andrew it was good enough to fill his stomach :)

As I said, we all love carbonara so the four of us ordered that!

My cousin, Qi Wen, ordered the drink called Immune Zoom. What made it special for me was the thin slices of apple stuck on the side of the glass. The picture will explain it better than me XD Inside Immune Zoom, they blend peach, honeydew melon, apple and cranberry. Both of us love to crunchiness of the apple slices after drinking this.
It costs RM 9.50

I ordered Hot Chocolate. Can you guys see the smiley face made using marshmallows?! So cute. The drink was nice but there are better tasting ones out there. The difference is the marshmallow smiley face :) It costs RM 7.50.

Unit LG-216, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens, Midvalley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 KL.


Contact number: 03- 2287 4872

E-mail: franchise@paddingtonpancakes.com

Service charge 10%
There's tax too.


  1. i don't usually eat carbonara cos i'm afraid that it's too creamy to my liking and me jelak :/

    but this doesn't look over creamy..might try this next time! i havent eaten anything other than pancake here =.=

    1. Try and let me know! Then I may have to change my post a bit. Hahahaha :)

  2. There are not many Paddington House of Pancakes left. I must head in soon for my pancake fixes:D


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