Monday, 19 November 2012

CAFFEine; @ Setia Walk Puchong

My First Visit

I was there for Nuffnang's Comic Bloggers Gathering 2012 :) It was the first comic bloggers gathering. Setia Walk Puchong is a nice place.

CAFFEine; is a small cafe and a place for coffee lovers. The picture below is the picture I got from CAFFEine's page to let you see how big the cafe is. Of course diners are not going to sit like us that day XD There are tables and chairs inside.

This is their Drinks menu. I did not try their drinks that day. I only ate what was provided for us :P and drank plain water.

This was the food available that day in their fridge. 
There were cakes, baguettes, spaghetti, pies, muffins, croissant etc

The price list for FOOD:

All cakes- RM 9.50
Muffin and brownies- RM 4.50
Chocolate Cream Puff- RM 4.00

Chicken Pie- RM 5.50
Chicken Curry Puff- RM 5.50

Spaghetti- RM 12.50
Baguette- RM 12.50
Panini- Rm 12.50

Image from MissyMiyen
Check out her blog too. Help each other. Hahahaha!

These are the cakes that caught Andrew's fancy. 

Black Forest, RM 9.50

I don't know about you but the cake in the picture above looks mouth watering for me. It's a black forest cake. It costs RM 9.50. I didn't taste it. 

The picture below could be marble butter cake. It is also be RM 9.50. I didn't taste it too and it wasn't available on my second visit.

The cakes look small for Andrew.
All the cakes I see cost RM 9.50 each.

Marble butter cake, RM 9.50

For the gathering that day, we were served finger foods such as sandwiches, muffins, mini pies (I call them pies) and mini brownies.

Let the food battle begin....

Kiap, kiap, kiap.. hungry bloggers we are.
Om nom nom nom nom

This was what was on my plate(s)

From left to right: Mini brownie, tuna sandwich and chocolate muffin.

I love the brownie and chocolate muffin. I even left those two for last :P
The chocolate muffin tastes rich.
The sandwich was good but nothing extraordinary. Inside it, there are tomatoes. That was all I could remember but many bloggers seem to like it.

Clockwise from the bottom left: Mini chicken pie, chocolate muffin and mini brownie.

The inside of the chicken pie. I would prefer if the pie was fully stuffed with chicken meat! If it was up to me, I would heat it up before eating but this was not my home so... eat only laaaa. XD Someone took all the trouble to make and prepare this for us.

My Second Visit

I went back to CAFFEine with my cousin, Andrew and Melvin.
This time we tried their drinks. My cousin tried their spaghetti too.

I ordered Caramel Macchiato.
It costs RM 10.
I am not much of a coffee drinker but this was alright for me.

Caramel Macchiato, RM 10

Melvin ordered Electro Choc. It costs RM 10. 
He opted to have less coffee taste in his drink. Yeah, we can choose to have it strong or light.
When Melvin and I tasted each other's drink using the teaspoon, both drinks tasted the same for the both of us. We could only taste the difference if we drink each drink from the cup. Of course my drink is sweeter.

He said, "It's ok but for the price and the size of it, I would rather go to Starbucks or Coffee Bean."

Electric Choc, RM 10

Andrew ordered Mocha. It costs RM 10 as well.
 He said that it was nothing special.

Mocha, RM 10
My cousin was the only person who ordered a cold drink.
Her drink is called Irish Cream. It costs RM12.00.
She said the best part is the cream. I tasted the cream and it tastes like it's not made out of artificial cream. For her, the drink is a bit bland but it was creamy.

Irish Cream, RM12

This was her Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti.
It costs RM 12.50.
It looks small for me and I am a small eater. 
I guess it would be fine for those who are looking for light food but don't want to stuff themselves either.
At first glance, it also looks dry.

For my cousin, it was alright. The sauce wasn't think and she was glad that it wasn't sour.
Not the best she ever tasted.

There is the kek lapis or layered cake as well.

The mini muffins are still available!

By the way, if you love cute stuff, there are postcards, button badges and t-shirts designed by Didimalao sold in CAFFEine too.

From top to bottom: Postcards, button badges, postcards and t-shirts, t-shirts.
Wanted to buy one button badge for Andrew but I refrained because he has no use for it. XD

G-09-1, Level 1, Block G, 
Setiawalk, Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 
47160 Puchong, Selangor, 

Same row as Starbucks, you have to take the stairs up.

Contact number: 03- 5879 0033 


FB Page: CAFFEine;

Business hours:

Monday: 12.00pm-11.00pm

Tuesday: 4.00pm- 11.00pm

Wednesday to Sunday: 12.00pm- 11.00pm

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