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Teluk Intan-Ipoh x AJNH (Day 3) Part 1

Good day. This will be final post Part 1 on my trip to TI and Ipoh where I will be covering on a few places on chicken taugeh with hor fun, dim sum delicacies and more white coffee, and comparison between two tau foo far stalls. You'd be surprised how exploited Funny Mountain is now, I was disappointed with their quantity control but I guess that's what happens to a blooming business where profit comes first. But I will only be covering on the chicken taugeh on this post as I am having difficulties managing my post with pictures for Nam Heong Restaurant and two Tau Foo Far stalls.

To this post;
On the 2nd night in Ipoh, my family and I decided to go to the Cowan Street Restaurant for dinner for the 2nd time after trying our luck on different places in Ipoh for some Ipoh famous food. We almost stopped at a food court and even sat on it but we left because there was nothing special to it and many shops were closed. All I saw were people eating hokkien mee in one particular stall, perhaps that's the only stall that seemed appetizing for the people.

This was the food court I was saying. Its called Pusat Makanan Skyway. It looked sad with very few stalls opened that night so we left.

Overall view from outside on the foodcourt.
We left the food court and came to Cowan Street Taugeh Chicken and Keow Teow Restaurant. It only opens at night and you can start coming in at 6pm. I came to this restaurant a year ago with my dad and brother and the overall food cost us almost RM15 per person, which I think was extremely pricy! I came back again this year to see if they have changed. Looks like it never changed. This is the 'leong sui'. Seriously, it is so tasteless that you'd think it is a tea with sugar. This I think costs RM1.50 per cup. Not worth.

Braised Chicken Feet. This is my first time trying this dish since last year and despite its really horrible food presentation, the taste is actually nice, with creamy and thick textured sauce and the bones are soft enough to suck the chicken essence from it. Good low long fire can only create this taste. However, the upper legs are very sad looking and very little meat, so I'd suggest to eat more of the toes.

This taugeh dish is alright; the pepper is a little too heavy and too much for my take but overall taste is crunchy and juciy. This taugeh looked small compared to the ones I've tried before.

Aah. The chicken. Everything is good, except it is served cold. And cold I mean, the chicken were hung on the stall and the wind blew it until sejuk. Lol. Always always eat chicken hot or warm served.

View from the inside. The restaurant isn't all that big so you might queue to get a seat. I know for sure that I had to queue last year for a seat in this restaurant. My family and I got lucky this time. Maybe its because we only came to the restaurant at about 9pm.

The signboard. Overall we have spent about RM60 for four people, so it means that in average division that per person can cost up to RM15 for a meal here. Even the Malacca chicken rice balls meal doesn't cost this much. The most expensive I ate was about RM10 per person.

This keow teow soup is baaadd. The soup tasted like it was being reused for boiling the mee for so many times that it has that rubber-ish, keow teow taste. And I mean not the good keow teow taste. So much for recycling the soup. :/

The side view of the operating stall for the restaurant. This is where they do the chicken and the mee. Its something like any other hawker stall chicken rice style and if you get what I mean by the wind blew the chicken while hanging, this is the way. Lol

All in all, to me this restaurant isn't all that hoo-ha lah, despite seeing the similar quality since last year has not changed and the presentation of food is just.. :/ I still don't understand why so many people would go to a restaurant which isn't that great and would extend great lengths of queuing just to savor it? And I don't mean just this restaurant. There are many restaurants that have such good luck in them that customers just kept coming to them. This is my 2nd time and hopefully won't be a third time, until I see a better restaurant than this in Ipoh.
Take note that this restaurant do not serve rice as their main course, purely on keow teow soup or dry style.

However, if you wish to go;

Cowan Street Chicken Taugeh and Keow Teow Restaurant
44, Jalan Raja Ekram, 30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Opens only at night, 5-6pm onwards.

P.s: My Part 2 post on my last day in Ipoh will be covering on Nam Heong Restaurant and also the best Tau Foo Far stall(s) you can find in Ipoh.

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