Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Korea BBQ Restaurant : Po Cha

A very traditional korean restaurant located at Ampang Korean village & the food is really awesome.

#1 Good news for Korean food lovers, this restaurant
opens from 6pm to 4am. Please refer to pic #3 for business hours & contact number.

#2 My relatives heading into the restaurant
                  #3 The name card is fully in Korean words. 
#4 The main menu of the restaurant.

#5 Their menu was manually made by the Korean couple & luckily it's written in English too.
 Beef soup is very good here although I don't eat beef but my niece said very yummy =P.

#6 First time I look at the menu & I don't know what to order. Luckily my sister
knew how to order the delicious food. Haha.

#7 Free flow sky juice is available.

#8 There are only 4 side dishes provided in this restaurant compared to
others is about 10 side dishes.

#9 This kim chi taste very good and fresh too. 

#10 Potato with garlic , I still prefer their  Potato and carrot slices seasoned with black pepper

#11 Sausages with sauce

#12 Here comes the main course meal, it is kim chi vege ham noodles & it's meant for 3-4 person. This dish is really good for me ! The soup is really hot & you can request to refill soup too.

#13 It consists of tofu, sausages ,vegetables , korean noodles & pork meat. It cost RM35 for this pot.

 #14 The korean rice taste so nice compared to the other Korean restaurant I have been before. It cost RM3.

#15 I will highly recommend you to order this seafood pancake. This pancake is fully vegetables & consists very
little flour. Usually other Korean restaurants will put a lot flour to cook. The chili is not spicy at all.

#16 Here is the octopus on top the seafood pancake. The whole pancake cost RM18.

 #17 Mackerel Fish that my brother ordered & he loved it so much.

Overall the food here is very awesome , this restaurant didn't add service charge to customer & government tax too. All the price shown is nett price.


Jalan Sulaiman 3 off Jalan Ampang PutraKuala Lumpur


Business Hour
6pm - 4am

Not Available


We appreciate the time you took to read our post and drop a comment or two :) Many thanks! We solemnly swear we ate everything on our plate, unless it is inedible :P or it tasted so bad no one can go through chewing and swallowing it anymore.

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