Sunday, 23 September 2012

Mango Series Dessert - Hui Lau Shan @ Leisure Mall Cheras ,KL

Opened at Leisure Mall last 7th September 2012.
Located at Cravings Lane , L1-48-2.

This is the history about the shop.

Hui Lau Shan won a few awards.

The desserts are divided into 6 categories:

  1. Fruitties Icy Series
  2. Mango Mania Series
  3. Fruitties Combo Series
  4. Nourish Deluxe Series
  5. Fruitties Jeli Series
  6. Delicacy Snack Series

Their signature series is the Mango Mania Series.

Fresh mango mochi is
 one of my favorite food in this shop. 

This mochi taste is just nice, not too sweet. I can feel the mango 
freshness and the taste of the mango is very original too.
It cost RM4.90++

Mango Icy Sago Pomelo that my aunt ordered, she complained
this dessert is quite watery & not very nice.
It cost RM11.90++

This is their signature mango series in their menu called "Mango Romance".
It comes with three different types of dessert. 

From top left of the picture is mango ice cream with jelly, 
bottom left of the picture is mango mochi with mangoes 
& right of the picture is mango icy with sweetie balls. 

Overall of this set taste very good.
It cost  RM12.90++

Mango Feast is another set of combination three bowl. 

Top of the bowl is mango walnut ice cream, 
middle bowl is mango icy with sweetie balls
& bottom bowl is coconut jelly with mango ice cream. 

It cost RM12.90++

However, I still prefer "Mango Romance"
maybe because I like the pureness of the mango. 

My brother ordered mango cube & mango juice- mango jelly & this drink is very delicious. 
Not too watery & the taste is not very sweet.
It cost RM7.90++

I'm a fan of this mango icy sago. For me this is quite watery & I can find a better one for this honestly. It cost at RM9.90++

Aside from the Mango series desserts, Hui Lau Shan have been selling herbal jelly since 1960's. 

This is one of the best sellers in the shop & my grandpa said the taste is quite normal for him.  
It cost RM7.90++

Pavillion ,KL
Times Square ,KL
Leisure Mall Cheras , KL
One Utama , Selangor
The Mines ,Selangor

Business Hours
10am -10pm 

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  1. I've not tried this brand though bloggers are really raving about it! Hmm.. maybe one day should really try and see what's so great :)

  2. Merryn- Try to get something out of the ordinary from what you are able to make. One thing that they promise is the freshness of the mangoes. :)
    Let us know if you have tried it!


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