Sunday, 30 September 2012

A New Look to Maggie Goreng?

Few months ago my house had nothing to eat so usually an emergency meal at my home is to cook two packets of maggie goreng.
No, it's not your typical mamak style maggie goreng alright. If its that normal I will not post this as a random post. Lol.
Its my own version of maggie goreng and I tend to.. overdone things. Slight!
Oh, when I finished cooking, my sister decided to come back and brought back leftovers from Tony Roma's. How delightful!

So, to revamp the whole look, I made two hard boiled eggs as well and here it goes to look after everything is thrown in;

The yellow color sauce on the hard boiled eggs is Tony Roma's mustard sauce. Definitely Yum-yum to go with everything in here.
And it is a complete meal with vegetables, eggs, carbohydrates, and meat. :D

Hope you feel hungry.

P.s: Not everyone can consume this much of food so some may perceive as excessive. :p

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