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Food Foundry 21 09 2012

Hello hello everyone and good evening.
Le me shall announce as the first post done by me in this collaborated blog with le friends.
So on the date as mentioned above, four friends and I have met up and decided to go to a place which I have never heard before (but was claimed by my other friends that this place was a to-look-out and was covered by quite a number of bloggers). Since it was my first time, and according to my trustworthy friends, it was rather a good place (odd location though) served with good food. Heard that the mille crepe cakes were the main attractions.

Located in the hot area or should I say rather a secluded and odd (like I said earlier) in SS17, pretty much hidden within a neighbourhood with flats. You'd never expect a place that kind of fancy dandy to be located ina low cost flats neighborhood. To get there, we got lost and missed a few turning, which led to my friend took a very illegal and dangerous maneuvering of the car to do a quick 3 point turn.

The exterior of the cafe

Funnily, the cafe is divided into two parts (like literally) and to get to the crepe cakes (no, we weren't sitting at the side where the crepe cakes were), we had to walk out of the cafe, choose the cakes we want and walk back to the other side of the cafe. Odd much again.

I only managed to take our side of the cafe because my camera battery decided to go low after not charging it for two days. Meh.

Spot one of the bloggers' head? :p

One of the paintings around the wall

The divider is adorned with some clean cut, chic decorations which you can usually see in fashion interior design magazines and blogs.

Some mini decorations on every table

One of the bloggers on action! Checking in on Foursquare that is! xD

Okay. To the menu, because all of us were pretty much hungry that time.
We were given the menus, in old style diner notebook style, which reminds me of waiter's book to jot down menu. Looks like this time terbalik.

We ordered our own respective dishes accordingly, however the waiter's service disappointed me because he made two mistakes. Firstly, when a person usually orders a pasta, naturally in your mind there will be a few selections of the types of pastas you can choose to compliment your pasta delights. But no, when he took down my menu, he did not ask for my pasta preference and just walked off.
Hoping he'll realize his mistakes and come back to me (Celine Dion's song at the background), there's the second mistake he did. He did NOT came back.
Instead, he bluntly serve my pasta in spaghetti type and walked off. Perhaps he was not too happy since the restaurant does not charge for service and government taxes.

Speaking of price, in my honest opinion, with the overall value I see in the pasta as served to me, I do not think RM19 was worth to pay. Plus, I am not full (nor nausea from having too much cream on my alfredo).

Qi Tyng's bacon carbonara? I forgot the exact name for this pasta. I don't think they served pork so its a halal restaurant so I am guessing these are beef bacons. :D The taste is creamier compared to my alfredo, and.. that's about it. Oh, and slight more flavorful(salty) because of the bacon. RM19

Andrew's Cordon Bleu. RM20. Looks good? Except the mashed potato. My friend in Facebook commented the look of the potato is very sad and unappetizing. Lol. I did not manage to try the full taste of this but the cordon bleu tasted alright at first bite.

The actual size on the ratio compared to the plate served. Quite a small portion to me.

This is what I call value for money. In terms of size, that is. Roasted 1/4 chicken with lemon and garlic with fragrant rice served with undercooked carrots and overcooked vegetables. RM20. The half lemon they gave is generous also. Wondered if the chicken was not marinated good enough and the lemon was there to help save the day? Taste wise; disappointing. chicken was too cooked, rice too dry, vegetables have been explained above.

Mhun Yee's Fish and Chips RM20. I find this fish fillet portion damn sad because to me, it is too small. And the presence of the huge fries at the back is purely to compensate the sad size of the fish. Crispy on the outside, slight burn taste but the dory fish inside is alright. Juicy and melts in your mouth.

Ahh. Here comes my prized dish. Smoked Salmon Alfredo. RM19. Seriously, I had a hard time trying to differentiate the taste of my alfredo and Tyng's carbonara because mine came out to be so mild and bland that I felt like I am eating a sick person's meal (Tyng had the same problem too because we tasted each of our pastas). I was full expecting to be burst of flavors and as mentioned in the link (can be found at the bottom of the 2nd picture) but no. Even the salmon I couldn't taste whether it was smoked or cooked or grilled in the first place. Sad much. The only thing I find the pasta was generous is the amount of porcini mushrooms thrown inside. Perhaps another sad attempt to compensate the taste?

Original portion of the pasta VS the plate size.

Well, I got curious for the better to understand what is the distinct difference between alfredo and carbonara sauces so I went to look up in Google to get the comparison.

What is great to find out that my alfredo is supposed to be served with fettucine pasta! The exact pasta I wanted to compliment my sauce but the waiter decided to be ignorant about it. Heh.

Anyway, to the dessert corner.
Selection of mille crepe and different cakes available

The price is somewhat expected for a fad food like this.

As recommended by tripadvisor. I'm not one of them though. Lol.

This cake appeals to me, but for a slice with that price, I can eat two big bowls of meehoon soup and have a change.

Tyng opted for the Apricot Mille Crepe. RM11

Andrew opted for Chocolate Mille Crepe. RM9

Me and Wei Ying decided to have a fair share at Vanilla Mille Crepe. RM9.

The winning piece? Me and Wei Ying's. You know why? Because of its fresh, distinctive taste of vanilla, cool bitten into your mouth and the layering of the vanilla scent compliments to the not-so-sweet, just nice sweetness level. One of the most satisfying mille crepe cake I have eaten/tried.
Chocolate was a bad choice though, poor Andrew. Haha.
Tyng's mille crepe wasn't bad either, if you like apricots(which is hard to get by anywhere nowadays), you can always opt for hers.

All in all, this place ranks so-so to me, I had a little too high expectations when I heard reviews from my friends so you would say I am rather dissapointed.
On the bright side, this cafe does not charge service and government tax, so you save 16% off your overall bill.
Free wi-fi service and in my opinion, just gives them the advantages to let their customers do the free promotion for them, as offered by many cafes nowadays.

You can locate them at;

Address: BG8 Happy Mansion,, Jalan 17/13, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Phone: 03-7955-388


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Lunch hours maybe a little pack so I'd suggest to come by here for a tea time chat with friends or perhaps dinner for the ambiance.

Thank you for the time reading and hope I'll drop by another review soon. :)


  1. Replies
    1. Kelvin- Exactly what I thought. :) -AJNH

    2. Yeah. Which was why I was wondering why so many people dined there.

  2. never been there before but i guess i may drop by for their dessert only! :P

  3. If they used real Porcini mushrooms for your Salmon Alfredo Spaghetti I think RM19 would actually be very reasonable (it's expensive stuff). I'm always puzzled as to why restaurants can't perfect their pastas, it's not like it's rocket science. I guess best to cook to your own preference at home. Such a shame though, since it's a cute looking place.

  4. Henry- Well, I will suggest the Vanilla Mille Crepe then. :) Enjoy!

  5. Kelly- I was mainly referring to the taste bud of the pasta. It was disappointing because first, I wasn't full, secondly, the portion was rather small, thirdly, it was a very, very mild taste for an alfredo. Thank you for your heads up though. I love mushrooms, just that the overall taste that concerns me. :(
    You can always opt for a drink there. Their Earl Grey tea has an amazing fragrant smell to it. :)

  6. hmm, mille crepe looks yummy! :D

    1. Xue Ren- We have tried three flavors. Chocolate is not reccommended. Haha.
      Enjoy! :)


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