Monday, 17 September 2012

Fried Oreos

We did say we're food archeologists so I dug up this old photo of yummy fried oreos :D

Let me help you (the attendees) refresh some of the memories of that day!

It all started when one of our friends, Carmen, saw the girls in America's Next Top Models cooking this.
She tried making it and it worked and the wheels started rolling.
A few of us bloggers (well, we got to know each other through blogging) organized a gathering at her place mainly for the fried oreos.

Of course we had other foods as well.
We ordered take away Hokkien fried noodles. .
It was ordered for 20 people but with time 12 of us walloped everything.

Image from Isaac's blog

We even had junk food. Lots of them stashed under the table.
No one will go hungry :)

Image from Isaac's blog

Any of the junk food are your favourites? Let us know in the comments!

The picture below will show some of the ingredients needed to make fried oreos.

This happened last year so my memory is a bit rusty.

I believe we need:
Oreos (of course!!!!)

Here is Carmen frying the oreos :)

Dunk the oreos into your batter and drop them in the frying pan.
Place a kitchen towel on a plate so the excess oil can be soaked up.
Oreos are already sinful enough, fried oreos is sinful times 2! XD
With excess oil is times 3!

We were all waiting for the oreos, with our cameras ready, as usual.
When you eat with us, make sure you don't touch your plate first and wait for a few minutes of flashes.

Oh yeah, do you guys remember Adrian performing magic tricks?
Yes, we did have a magician/ mentalist in the house. LOL.

Image from Kian Fai's blog. Look at the junk food under the table. Overflow...

There was a horror movie showing that day too. It was called The Unborn.

We had a massage train going on while watching that show.

The actress was so jealous or in awe of our massage train...

Everyone got a massage from Elwyn too.
He learnt a few tricks from his friend who was a therapist (If my memory does not fail me)

I'm going back to food.

Our dessert was Paddle Pop ice-cream with marshmallows.

To recap, the main attraction was the fried oreos.

Image from Xing
Image from Xing


  1. fried oreo? omg. would it be still crunchy?

    1. it was good :) a bit soft but it was good. should try XD

  2. Reading this oso I gained an extra inch dy.. -.-

    1. that is why it's under the category of sinful food! :P


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