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K.T.Z Food at SS2

Hi everyone!

Since my last post was on main dishes and covered on local Indian food, this post I am doing ALL ABOUT DESSERTS! Chinese desserts ftw!

Me and my three friends (Andrew, Tyng and Wei Ying) decided to become very adventurous to find desserts after their adventurous attempt to meet me after my work to have pizzeria dinner at Spaghetti Grill in Mid Valley. They waited for me to get changed and had my second round of dinner some more. LOL. (So much of a VIP I am XD )

Andrew suggested to go to SS2, Petaling Jaya to have the famous chinese/fusion style dessert by KTZ Food Restaurant.

So, off we went!

We parked along the parking bay in the area and Andrew told me the RM9.90 Korean Bento Set's restaurant is located nearby as well.

We're getting nearer! *walk walk*

And here we are! We reached KTZ quite late, about 9.30pm and the place is packed! The crowd is overwhelming! Well, at least I find having these kind of desserts as yum cha session is better than spending load for a cup of 'C' brand milkteas. (if you know what I mean.) :p
Their operating hours starts from 12pm-1am, but take a mental note that their best sellers will finish by 9pm so better be early! And they have an interesting way to display their 'sold out' menu, which I will be posting in a bit.
You can briefly see that the restaurant has a rather small inside area and it gets really packed and noisy in just minutes. We were very lucky to get an immediate spot inside, near the windows because the lady boss told us to sit in. They extended their business outside of the restaurant too, just to cater the crowd.

Decorations wise; kept simple with yellow and warm lighting; oriental inspired lamps were adorned along the whole restaurant which gives it a kick of the 1940s China Era like that. Haha.

See the crowds?
These wet tissues cost RM0.30 each. No need to use them. Just remember to bring your own tissue.

And its written on their menu. So don't be fooled that it is free when it is not.
Their menu is a little run down, so hope you guys don't mind about that.

Lets flip for choices!

There are many variants and choices you can have, from hot, to cold drinks, desserts (tong suis) and even some finger food. From the Tong Shui menu we chose Black Sesame as recommended by Andrew.

In the Sago Loh series, we picked, of course the Honey Dew Lolo/Loh and also the Mango Lolo/Loh. I don't know why mango has to be more expensive than honey dew by RM0.60 but I guess their mangoes are of premium quality, as tasted. The honey dew tasted bland, and not sweet.

Some of the finger food you can choose to compliment your desserts as well.

"Gimme the desserts already!" (picture taken by Tyng. Those are my fingers. Hahaha)
Fine, I will await for the desserts patiently. *grumble grumble*

Voila! Here comes the first two desserts, mainly from the hot series. On the left, it is called Mak Chuk, where it consists of oats and the version varies from different places. This one I tried was not too thick, the sweetness was alright but I have tasted a more gooey and warm and flavorful compared to this Mak Chuk, just down my house. LOL. The black sesame is good on the contrary, very fine bits of sesame, carefully grind to perfection and into the mouth where it melts. Both desserts are best served and eaten while hot, or really warm to get the authentic taste of it.

Closer look on the black sesame dessert

Makes me go all hungry now. T.T
Next up! The other two desserts! This time it is the cold series. Introducing Mango Lolo and Honeydew Lolo. I'll start off with Mango Lolo. I guess the price has managed to live up to the quality of the mangoes used in this dessert as it is sweet and soft and not too mushy. Although I may prefer my mangoes to be a little more sour side, but this sweet mango concoction is good to compliment the overall sweet taste. Don't be deceived by its overflowing juice at the top with the mango sauce, sago and also chunks of mangoes adorned on the sides, it is in fact just shaved ice beneath it all. But not to worry (as I did), there's more to the delicious sweetness at the bottom of the bowl so don't feel cheated too early. :p As for the Honey Dew Lolo, it was a rather disappointment trail of hope to me as I had looked forward to taste a really good honeydew lolo ever since I got back from Teluk Intan. The honey dew used was bland and not sweet at all, like the fruit is not fully ripe despite its heavy liquified body mass. The milk used was not too great either, making the whole lolo tasted rather, normal. :/ Sadly, I do not recommend this. Although I may have tasted a little more flavor at the end of the dessert, it does not change the fact the honey dew they used was not as good as the mangoes. Precisely as how I would have stated earlier because of its more expensive range amongst the lolos in the menu.
Mango vs Honey Dew
Mango Lolo upclose
HoneyDew Lolo upclose
In flash
In flash
Notice the gooey-goodness of the mango lolo
Cherry at the top. Not sure why they'd use a cherry to compliment with honey dew but at least it is a good color sighting among the pale green on the lolo
Remember I told you about their interesting way of displaying their sold outs? Here it is. Within an hour the whiteboard has added a few more sold outs from their menu list. So better come early, not too late for a supper dessert
The interior gives it a nice oriental touch, but in overall wise the decoration is just a pass. *sorry Andrew. Caught your face in motion ;D*
The place does not offer wi-fi so don't bother checking in here unless you have data plans, which most people would have. (Rich people. Meh. :p)

All in all, I'd give the place a rather good rating lah, minus on some of the dishes in their menu and the crazy crowd fanatic over this restaurant.

The restaurant charges 6% tax for every dish and you have to make your payment at the cashier as seen at the last picture.

You can check out the place yourself and perhaps if you're hardworking enough you could let me know too!

KTZ Food Restaurant
No.22, Jalan SS2/63,
47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-78772499.

They have a website too;

Till the next post.


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