Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tamayaki Yummy Yummy @ Sunway Pyramid

Takoyaki! I had been craving for it and I got it satisfied that day in Sunway Pyramid. My sister told me about this new takoyaki shop near the ice skating rink so we decided to check it out. We usually buy the takoyaki in Asian Avenue.


The new takoyaki shop is called Tamayaki Yummy Yummy. Do not be surprised or taken aback when the workers suddenly say "Yummy yummy!" while working. It's like the workers in Uniqlo greeting you "Welcome to Uniqlo!"


This is what they have to say about their shop,

"TAMAYAKI (弹丸滋地) offers quality Takoyaki. Our Takoyaki are the combination of traditional Japanese recipe prepared via patented induction heating device. 

By carefully combining ingredients and flavours from various countries, we have successfully created different flavours of Takoyaki suitable to local palates. TAMAYAKI is an enhanced version of the traditional Takoyaki.

Our delicious Takoyaki has a ...distinctive crispy exterior with juicy and tender fillings." 
These were the said flavours.
You can see a better, clearer and neater menu by clicking Menu. It's in their FB Page.

From mon-yan

My sisters and I ordered Chicken Sausage and Cheese flavour
One box costs RM 6.90

The difference between this shop and the shop in Asian Avenue is the number of takoyaki balls served.
Here in Tamayaki, they serve four while the one in Asian Avenue serve three.

After placing our order, we would be given a plastic chip. This plastic chip is our number.


Front and back view of the plastic chips.


Our snacks were served in neat pink boxes. I like the packaging. Cute and portable. It also comes with the pink plastic fork.


And the inside looks like this!


Taste wise, I personally like the ones served in Asian Avenue. This takoyaki in Tamayaki is not as crunchy and the taste was very mild for me. No ooomph like when I chomp the ones served in Asian Avenue. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad. Just not as I expected.

Will I go back? Yeah, I guess I would try the other flavours and I'll let you know through this blog XD

To end this post, I give you the following details:

LG 2.41A, Lower Ground 2,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
No. 3, Jalan 11/ 15, Bandar Sunway.


Email: enquiry@tamayaki.com.my


  1. Alamak.. then it's not as Yummy Yummy after all!

    1. For an eatery to call itself yummy yummy is already bold enough XD

  2. would like to try one day XD (near my place mah)

    1. Cuba and let me know also how it was for you :)

  3. I tried the Unagi flavour, but in fact, i actually enjoy the taste. I love its crunchiness and with a lot of flakes and seaweed. X3

  4. delicious takoyaki @ asian avenue already moved is it? do you know where?


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