Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Hello Kitty and friends sushi!

The two brothers: Andrew and Alfred (his brother) dug up their sister's sushi molds and decided to make sushi using the molds. I just pat gua. I want to do also. ;)

The materials you need:
  • Japanese rice
  • Sushi molds
  • Carrots
  • Cheese
  • Seaweed

These are the items we used:



The left are the 3 molds with handles. The heart shape plastic is to make the ribbon, flower, nose and ear. The bottom two punchers will be explained in the picture below.
These are to make the eyes, whiskers and mouths. What you do is, put in the seaweed and press.

You can get these items from the shop: Xuanie's Paradise

First, we need to cook the Japanese rice. Once it's done, we can mold the rice using the plastic molds.
Be careful because the rice is sticky and may be stuck (actually it will) in the mold. What we did to prevent this was by rubbing the insides of the mold with vinegar before we stuff the rice into the mould.

We used seaweed to make the eyes, whiskers and mouths for the respective characters using the punchers. Punch them into a plate or bowl so you won't be missing any part of the body :P You'll be eating lots of seaweed while doing this.

To place the eyes, whiskers, noses and mouths on the sushi rice easily, use two toothpicks. One to pick the seaweed up, and another to readjust.

For the ribbons and flower, we used carrots. For the nose and ears, we used cheese. Yep, you'll be making the sushi and snacking at the same time. 

The before and after:


Without nose, to cheese nose :P
Without ears, to cheese ears!


The following are the products of the day:



The sushi on the bottom right: It's a bear wearing spectacles. Well, kind of. 


Yeah we didn't only do Hello Kitty. 
We improvised a little and made a bear using the heart mold too.


The bear with a heart face :D and cheese ears!




If you noticed, I did an evil face sushi too.
I did not plan to make the sushi that way but it did. I was trying to use up leftover carrots and it resulted with this...


Evil bear sushi...


I have an Amelia Earhart sushi too.
A sushi wearing goggles.
Ok, it seems displeased. XD I tried to make it smile but it did not turn out that way.


At the end of the day, we packaged all the sushi into plastic containers to give away to our friends and for me to bring back home for my sisters :D






Suitcase on the bottom left!
Check out the next post: Mickey Mouse sushi !

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