Saturday, 8 December 2012

Arenaa Diner @ Jalan Tun Perak , KL

I got to know this restaurant when my friends told me that there's a cafe opposite SEGi College  offering a lunch special for RM10++ . My course mates asked me to give this diner a try since we ate around college until we got bored. Usually my course mates & I will come to this diner when we have a long break time.  As a college student here, I don't find any delicious food here because of always eating the same food like McD , chicken rice, back streets food or mamak stalls.

This is the shop name & slogan.

The interior of the shop. While waiting for our food, one of the waiters mopped the floor under my chair. Actually we wanted to sit somewhere in the middle of the restaurant but the waiter insisted us to sit at the last 2 tables. After we ordered our food, the waiter started mopping the floor below my chair. (=.=!)

 From the menu you can see a wide range of food, ranging from pasta , burger , japanese rice bowl & so on. The price is affordable too as you can see from the picture. There is a beef burger called Sloppy Joe for RM12 & my course mates said it was delicious yet can feel the beef juiciness. 

This is another side of the menu offering side dishes , desserts, soup & drinks. What caught my attention from here is the milk's shake from RM5 to RM6. In KL so rarely you can find a milk shake that is so affordable. I will try that next time! 

Today lunch special offered BBQ chicken (RM10++). Three of my course mates ordered this. Everyday they offer different food for lunch special. I have tried Japanese Curry Katsu chicken , Japanese Bowl Rice & Mushroom chicken. Those lunch special tasted good for me and my course mates too.

Side dishes that we ordered called karaage or nuggets (RM5++). I can taste the chicken meat
better than the popcorn chicken sold in KFC . You can see steam coming out when you have the first bite. lol

Here comes my chicken katsu burger (RM9). Although this is not the 
best burger I have ever had but the combination of the chicken with the cheese & wasabi coleslaw 
is perfect. Actually the wasabi is inside the mayonaise & it's not a very strong wasabi. It taste just nice for me. Overall is still better than McD burger & value for money also!

By topping up RM1 you will get Iced lime tea. This is better than iced lime juice maybe because
I don't like sour taste.

There is a stage at here. Maybe at night there's a live band.

I didn't spot this inside the diner until my course mates told me. 

Some beer inside the fridge right in front of the shop.

This shop is located at the corner & ground floor of Arenaa Mountbatten Hotel. Wanted to take picture of the shop but it turned out I took a picture of the motorcyclist kissing? lol


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No. 23 Jalan Tun Perak , 
50050 Kuala Lumpur 



Public Transport
5mins from LRT Masjid Jamek

Street or Parking bay beside ChaTime

Have to go into the hotel toilet
(Last time I went there but locked)

Business Hour

FB page

Government Tax 6% 

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