Monday, 31 December 2012

Hee Lai Ton Restaurant @ Seri Kembangan, Selangor

It has been a while I didn't come back here for a wedding dinner. All my relatives love to have their wedding dinner here for some reasons. First of all the food is great & so is the location. Invitation mentioned 7pm sharp have to reach there but we reach at 7.30pm & three quarter of the hall is still empty. Ceremony starts at 8.45 & the fish dish reach our table at 9pm. @.@ I'm so hungry just because of the typical Malaysian late culture although it is Saturday.

This is the first dish of the dinner & it looks so grand with a lobster head display at the dish! There is a lobster meat inside the salad . Still can taste the lobster meat although it was covered with mayonaise. The ribs with yam tasted quite good for me .The other dish was spring roll & it was still warm ! Last dish was fish paste with egg yolk & this dish tasted so-so to me. Overall this was one of my most favorite dish in the dinner.

This was shark fin soup & it tasted not too salty for me. It was not real shark fin. Only once I ate real shark fin soup in my whole life which is located at Mandarin Oriental Hotel ,KL. The waitress of the hotel will pour a bowl of shark fin into the pot in front of you. 

This was not an ordinary fish in the deep sea & it is one of the species from Grouper. This was also my favorite dish during the dinner. Most of the meat at this dish was boneless & this made me love it even more xD.

Last 3 years there was a gigantic grouper in the restaurant displayed in the aquarium to let the customer see. I guess this was the kid of the gigantic grouper. LOL. This is the grouper species they serve for my dinner? I think yes! 

Kids favorite dish! I love it when I was young but that night this suckling pig quite fat for me & my family members too, although it is a small pig physically. After a while it feel so disgusting !

This was the additional plate requested from the waiter because in the suckling pig only have 3 onion leaves & is not even enough for a table of 10 people. This onions leaves will be dipped into the sweet sauce. Tasted good for me.

 I'm not a fan of prawns but I did try. The Nestum flakes was too soggy for me & not much taste also. The other half of the plate was deep fried prawn with mayonaise. It tasted like a bigger version salad prawn that are served in dim sum stalls.

This will be the Chinese vegetarian pot. The taste of the mushroom was tasteless for my family members including me & the other dishes tasted normal. Nothing great about this dish. Other tables didn't finish this dish. 

Honey dew sago as dessert instead of "longan sui". Not too creamy for me but I can find a better one.

At this point everyone was full. In the end we didn't finish all so take away half of the plate.

Some potato desserts & doesn't taste nice to me. Still prefer they serve mochi or small pao.

Wet tissue 

Spot something wrong ? Our table was just beside the open kitchen to reheat dishes! One of the waiters  almost dropped a big soup spoon on my head & luckily I avoided in time. Thank GOD! 


12 , Jalan Muhibah 3, Taman Muhibah, 
Seri Kembangan,
43300 Selangor D.E

03-8992 5561

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  1. So dangerous! I always avoid sitting so close to the kitchen..

    1. Yup, I dislike to sit beside kitchen >.<. Next time I try to avoid that area. LOL


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