Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Nasi Lemak @ Jalan 223 ,Petaling Jaya

One of my friends brought me here to try nasi lemak at midnight. This will be my second time eating nasi lemak at this hours. I have heard of this nasi lemak for quite some time but never bothered to look for it until my friends brought me here.

There will be a lot people starting to get order from you while you are walking into the food court. I counted at least 4 people ask me what I wanted to eat. This place is like another version of Portuguese Settlement in Malacca because someone will approach you to try their stall.

Nasi lemak packaging in red ink on blue plate and nasi lemak packaging with blue ink on red plate! Messing with your mind when you're hungry!

Why this people put so many nasi lemak on my table? Actually there is another person selling nasi lemak at this place. You can see their company name in different ink colours and plate colours are different also.

Nasi Lemak Panas Yati Gerai (red ink), RM 1.50

My friends and I decided to try the Nasi Lemak Panas Yati Gerai (RM1.50) which is in the red ink colour on the packaging. This nasi lemak tasted normal to me but it's very hot & I can see the steam coming out! One of my friend ate 2 packets of the nasi lemak from different stalls & his feedback to me was Suri Nasi Lemak Panas(RM1.50) is spicy. My friend preferred the spicy version than the normal version nasi lemak.

Otak-otak, RM 0.60

You can order some side foods at this food court also like otak-otak (RM0.60 per piece). This will be my first time to try Malay otak-otak & I still prefer the Chinese version. Not to say Malay version otak-otak is not nice but maybe because it tasted like fish paste to me. Two of my friends also said the taste is like fish paste to them. I did try otak-otak from both stalls but the taste for me were still same.

Taufu bakar (RM3 for 2pcs) was sold here too. Overall, this dish tasted good for me but very little vegetables compared to the Chinese version of taufu bakar.

The entrance of the food court at Jalan 223 , Petaling Jaya. This picture taken at midnight & is crowded with people.


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