Thursday, 13 December 2012

Charcoal BBQ House @ Seri Kembangan , Selangor

My friends brought me here for the second time because first time came here it was closed on Monday for the charcoal bbq. She bought a Groupon deal for this charcoal bbq for only RM35 (4 person)  & additional side order will be less 20%.

The drink was part of the deal. I regretted to order this hot green tea because the staff put too many green tea leaves into the pot until the teapot itself was stuck so cannot pour out. ==.! Order cold green tea is better.

Our dish ordered from the menu to bbq later. Everything tasted alright to me except pork belly, which is at the bottom row, in between the sausages and beef in the picture. We used the pork belly to make the fire bigger in the bbq pit. Hey, it works! XD

Charcoal BBQ House menu. 

2nd page of the menu.

We are waiting for bbq pit! 

Here comes the bbq pit.

Ivan helped to cook lamb at the bbq pit.

This is also part of the deal. I love the white button mushroom so do my friends & I can taste the sweetness of the mushroom . Adeline love to eat the "kam chin yuk" which is the red meat on top the picture & Grace love the meatballs.

You can adjust the fire on the bottom of the pit. 

All of us love the sauce & it's not spicy.

Boiling soup with full of vegetables & mushroom. 

This is part of the deal bought from Groupon.

We ordered additional meatballs &"kam chin yuk" for bbq. The boss treated us additional ham plus mini sausages also. Grace told me that the meatball is smaller than first served.

The surrounding of the shop. 

We wanted to order fried ice cream but the boss told us that the fried ice cream they had was not fresh. He decided to treat us other ice cream. 

This is set dinners they offer in the restaurant.

Outside of the restaurant.

Boss name & handphone number.

Address , contact number & email are given in the name card.

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun. I think on a cold night, some BBQ would be real nice and peaceful. Thank you for sharing. I would go give it a try.

    1. Yup is really fun! Is a very good place for friends gathering. You are welcome ^_^. U should try it one day

  2. Everything tasted alright except pork belly?????? BBQ without tasty pork belly... T^T Doesn't sounds good to me. LOLX

    1. The pork belly was mostly fats. Haha. Used the fats to make the fire bigger.


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