Friday, 21 December 2012

Old Sweet House @ Seri Petaling

Decided to try this new shop called Old Sweet House. If I am not mistaken, it used to be Tarik Tarek.

The interior of this shop looked alright. However, when I sat down I found that the table is too high because the chair was low. It was uncomfortable when it came to eating so I hope they change the tables or chairs because the food was good. I would go back but I want to eat in comfort. Hahahaha!

I was spoiled for choice as I flipped their menu. My dad had the same problem too. What to eat? All sounds good. They have some interesting food to me. Got me wondering how it'll look and taste like. The picture below shows you a very, tiny part of the menu.  I feel ulu because I got excited when I saw French Toast with Red Pork -_- and White Pork.


I finally decided to get Mushroom Fish Fillet with Rice. It costs RM 9.90. I love it. The fish fillet was not dripping with oil *thumbs up for me!* The sauce was mushroom sauce, not super salty like the ones I have eaten. Kind of reminded me of soup like Campbell soup. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't but I am not going to insult the chef that day. Heeee. The salad tasted fresh. It did not feel layu. Crunchy. Long story short, I finished it all.

When I went back with my sisters, they ordered this dish too. This time the salad has more colour because they added in carrots. The mushroom sauce was yummmms.

Mushroom Fish Fillet with Rice, RM 9.90

My dad ordered Portuguese Style Fried Rice. It costs RM 10.90. He did not expect the portion to be big so for small eaters like my dad and I, a heads up: share this with someone if you think of ordering this dish. I tasted a bit of this dish and it was yummy too. Inside, there's bacon, capsicum, onions and Portuguese sauce mixed in. The bacon was tasty. Nyam nyam nyam.

Portuguese Style Fried Rice, RM 10.90
It appears that they have a bakery too but I did not check it out because it looked empty. This is a shop where we have to go back a few times to check it out.

During our second visit wit my sisters, my dad ordered Club Sandwich. It costs RM 4.90. I did not taste it. Inside, I saw ham, eggs, tomatoes, cheese, cucumber.. the usual club sandwich. As you can see, it was served with lots of fries. The fries goes well with the mushroom sauce from my mushroom fish fillet rice too.

Club Sandwich, RM 4.90

Address and contact number:


There's a 10 percent service charge. Since they are still new, we got a 30 percent discount for the overall bill.

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