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Vegetarian Indian Banana Leaf Rice at Lakshmi Vilas

Good evening!

As I have promised you last night, this post I will be writing on a similar note of indian banana leaf rice, but a slight different restaurant, although they are operating just next to each other in the same street. LOL.

Introducing Lashkmi Vilas, also a pure vegetarian restaurant which my friend, Deepa has introduced to me my first vegetarian banana leaf rice about 3 years ago.

Here they called themselves the Superior Vegetarian Restaurant. LOL.
Their operating hours are pretty similar, runs only during lunch hours, assuming from 12pm onwards and they do not serve other meals in between of the banana leaf feast.

They are served with water on every table as well and you can request for canned drinks of you wish to have a little carbonated after burp in your tummy. :)

Introducing their thick dhaal version. I love this as it is very flavorful and less spicy as compared to Woodlands.

They had the long beans too but this is definitely has more kick on the overall flavor but a little too cooked for my preference.

Another potato dish where you can it a little more solidified compared to dhaal. :p

Fried Brocolli! (in red color) I loike this. Its great that they deep fried with their own curry powder and it has more indian taste to it. Definite refill dish for me.

This tasted almost like the white sauce you usually eat with Thosei, where Thosei is complimented with two of its distinctive sauces, one of it looking like this, but a bit more liquified and the other in pale orange. The pale orange sauce is the spicier one and this tastes almost the same, with less spice and a bit more savory and generally more appetizing.

Served with a must, the Papadam! We will always refill this 2-3 times. Hehe! Also, take note that they pour the sauces into your rice, making somewhat like a whirlpool of different sauces and almost drowning all of your white rice. Or I like to call it, Banjir. ;D
Notice the difference between Woodlands and Lakshmi now? They are still served with banana leaf, just that the presentation of food rather sets them apart from two different vegetarian restaurants. This way, it is more authentic, leaving the original shape of the banana leaf, a bit trimmed to have a standard size, but nonetheless, there is nothing else served below it. if you're gonna have your sauces, flowing out, then so be it. LOL. And this way too that the restaurant workers will know if you enjoyed the food! Closing one side of the banana leaf into your direction (folding inwards) is to show that you liked their meal and would come again, Closing on the opposite direction (folding outwards, from you) is to show that you're not satisfied with their meal. How cool is that?? (and yes, my friend taught me this too. :p )

Another  new version of Payasam! Its supposed to be a liquid dessert which I have been looking forward to try but instead I got this. It had the same taste. just that this time they made it into a pudding-like, kuih texture. Very milky and you can taste the fine bits of it. Yums!

I do not have any interior picture of the place but note that they too has two floors and the upper floor is opened for air conditioning seating and when the lower floor is full. I think half the time I sat at the upper floor because it is always packed with people at the lower floor!

I understand that because in my personal opinion, I actually still preferred to dine here than in Woodlands. Its simply because I find the place more homely (comfortable) and the people are just as friendly, but the definite reason that sets apart are meals served here is definitely cater to my level of tolerance to spicy food, the overall taste of the vegetarian meal and the originality of the meal is presented.

Do take note too that they bring in their banana leaf supply everyday so do not worry of being re-used, like the satay celup concept in Malacca which I find it horrifyingly disgusting.

All in all, my meal here cost only RM6, one ringgit cheaper than Woodlands, and sadly, you do not get to have Wi-Fi services here (although you can go surf the net at the Cyber Cafe located at the upper floor) so you will enjoy your company/ friends better and chatter mood in the restaurant.

To keep it simple for you readers, here is a quick comparison between both restaurants which I have tasted in two consecutive days;

Type of meal served: Indian Vegetarian Banana Leaf Rice

How they are served: Bakti Woodlands: Circled-shaped banana leaf in a metal pan
                                   : Lakshmi Vilas: Standardized banana leaf rice

Food serving: Eat-All-You-Can/ Unlimited with an average of 6-8 side servings including vegetables, sauces, curries and sambals with rice and local dessert/ sour milk.

Price: BW: RM7
         : LV: RM6

Operating Hours for Vegetarian Meal : Lunch Hours only (preferably from 12pm onwards)

Wi-Fi hotspot: BW: Yes
                       : LV: No


Lakshmi Vilas
57 Leboh Ampang, Kuala Lumpur 

03- 20722166.

There you have it! Do give it a try! Not many people will be open to such a new taste but its definitely worth the trip!

P.s: Since Lakshmi Vilas is just next to Bakti Woodlands, you can just look up for directions in my previous post on Bakti Woodlands and head up there!


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