Thursday, 15 November 2012

Portugal - Lisbon, Porto, Sintra

This will be my first European country food post with my elder brother's help. His name is Alan Chong &  he is studying MBA in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has backpacked all over Europe.

Bacalhau  (one of the Portuguese national dishes). Bacalhau is the Portuguese word for 
codfish. You can find this dish everywhere in Portugal ranging from 5-8 euro per dish. I don't really like this cuisine as most of Bacalhau's way of cooking are deep fried. Instead of serving the fish with sauce, the fish are covered in oil. Basically is just 'FISH SWIMMING IN HOT OIL.'

Portuguese tart. Of course it is originated from Portugal. In my opinion, Portuguese tart which is available at King's confectionery is tastier. I have tried a few Portuguese tarts at different cities in Portugal ( Lisbon, Porto, Sintra ), King's portugese tart is still better. Most Portuguese will sprinkle some cinnamon powder on the tart. Most of the desserts in Portugal are decorated with cinnamon powder though. A tart cost about 1 euro. 

Pear Sundae from McDonald's - 1.50 euro

 Interior of the McDonald's outlet. There are chandeliers in the outlet and stained glass murals.

Francesinha. It is a typical Portuguese sandwich of sausage, ham, cheese and secret sauce. Double thumbs up for this mouthwatering dish. Cheese lovers will fall in love with this dish.

Porco de Vinha de Alhos - Portuguese Pork Chop is another common dish in Portugal. Nothing special. The pork chop that is served by TBR(Taman Bunga Raya) Aunty is better though =)


  1. Never tried Portugal food before. Wonder if I'll like it

    1. My brother said potugal food is more to fish dishes =)


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