Friday, 9 November 2012

Cafe Barbera @ Sunway Pyramid

Every time I walked into Sunway Pyramid from my college, I always pass by this cafe but I never went in. It is because when it comes to spaghetti, not many can make it the way I like. Some taste awful, some taste wonderful. I did not go in because I was afraid that it tastes awful.

However, thank goodness it was alright! 
In the middle of the room, there is a long table which looked like a meeting table for me but smaller. Above this table, there is a chandelier.

Oooooooh look at that

I tried Penne with Sausages.
Inside there are olives, capsicums, onions and chilli flakes.
I did not like it because it was spicy for me. I have a low tolerance for spicy food.
The sausages may be chipolata sausages too. Either way it made me a dragon.
It costs RM 13.90.

My sister will always order carbonara. Her dish is called Beef Carbonara. It costs RM 15.90 and she loves it. She wants to bring her other half here next time (her twin. My younger sisters are twins.)

Dad is a lasagne man. He ordered Chicken Lasagne. It costs RM 11.90. He said it was good and he would order it again when he dines here.

I usually do not take pictures of drinks because most look more or less the same but here it is.

The front glass is Ice Peach Tea and the glass at the back is Ice Lemon Tea.
Each drink costs RM 4.90

I would go back to try the carbonara next time. ;)

Update: I tried the carbonara. It is just nice, not so creamy but filling. Definitely better than Penne with Sausages for me ;)

OB2.G.U2, Oasis Boulevard Two,
Sunway  Pyramid, Bandar Sunway


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Contact number/ Fax: 03-5622 1861

FB Page: Cafe Barbera

Service charge 10%

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