Thursday, 8 November 2012

Klang Curry Mee and Steamed Lala

Mmmh! What better meal for a cold weather like this to sip on hot, hot food? For curry mee lovers, this post I dedicate to you.

The last weekend I managed to go back to Klang (my second home) for a reunion with my good friend's sister. Although the time spent was cut short with me exploring Klang in just one day-one night trip, but I managed to grab the opportunity to see Setia City Mall in Setia Alam for the first time. Gawd, I love that place. it has every damn shops I want to shop. This shopping mall is my most complete sanctuary of shopping haven. Someone please bring me there again!

Aside of my obsession for shopping spree (always in the mood if I see something cheap, good and nice), I had my dinner as suggested by my dear friend to have curry mee and steamed lala.
Now, that is something new I hear for Klang food, aside from seafood and dry bak kut teh.

Situated in the Klang city (I think Klang City is a very busy place, especially in the afternoon, at night only you can see 'worker's roaming around for some extra service in the alleys where I'd make silly jokes with my friend if we'd pop their boobies with needles. Gawd. I know. I'm bad. My bad. :p). What I realised about Klang too is that they may have a street or few streets that remind me of Jalan Ampang and Brickfields. Like Little India. Lotsa stuffs going around. Wonder if they have indian banana leaf rice too? :D

Restoran Tsy. Reminds me of Psy. LOL. Wonder if this shop is managed by him, or his brother. Or if he has a brother :p

Photobomb fingers by my friend.

Curry mee for four! Actually this is a medium. You can call for a large one, which I think can fit for 4-5 people. Medium here looks big but there are three big eaters and one small eater so to me I wasn't feeling all that full that night. xD

You have to try this curry. This curry got me sweat face all over! Its spicy, creamy, powdery, hot and everything curry spicy thing going on! I was not a spicy and hot fan few years ago but I opened up to chillies, tom yam, curry and such in time to build up my spice taste buds for more exciting food tasting. Talk about food adventure! All for you readers! Muahaha! Its hard at first because I'd find spicy food so spicy to the extend that I could not breathe properly and once, I accidentally chewed on chilli padi, boy I could not feel my tongue for a good 30minutes. So numb! But now okay lah. Sweat banyak. I got laughed by my friends whom were half Thai-blooded. They're mocking my noob tolerance to spicy-ness. LOL. Oh well, gotta start somewhere ain't I? The curry mee has quite generous portion in terms of their stuffs added, mainly brinjals, long beans, prawns, tau foo pok, taugeh, pari fish, and onions.

Definitely one of the best steamed lalas I have ever tasted. I'm not really good at identifying good seafood because of my unwanted condition of not able to consume seafood, but I made this an exception. The soup/sauce/gravy is amazing. with ginger, garlic, chilli and I think they had some special wine to it and steamed to tender moist and perfection, you can't really stop eating it. The only setback on this dish was my friend's husband complained of the size of the lalas had shrunk tremendously. Also a tip given by him is that lalas must, must be eaten while they are hot and steamy. Sounds sexually explicitly wrong. Hahaha. Oh well, food is something like sex anyway. It is primary, biogenic needs, something that you need to satisfy in order to fulfill the satisfaction, otherwise, may create some uncomfortable tension. LOL. Here I go ranting about the lowest hierarchy of needs in Maslow's Theory. (This is what happens when a fashion student got excited over a marketing subject.)

Both yummy dishes for four that night.

Another shot on the steamed lalas.

They serve very fresh Carrot Milk too! Should try. If there is any sourness to it, insist on changing it immediately as the milk may have turned bad.

All in all, the cost of the overall food is about RM30, which I think was not too bad.

You can find this restaurant at;

Tsy Restaurant, Klang's Claypot Curry Mee
No.16, Jalan Goh Hock Huat, 41400, Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

I think this opens only at night and available till about 12am. I had it around 10pm that night. So much for spiciness late night supper. ;)

P.s: Take note for those afraid of cockroaches, there are some flying ones here, which got me freaked out while eating. I guess it can't be helped with our consistent mates whenever there's good food around. They call it, 'ka liu'. LOL. Just kidd.


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  1. That's such a an affordable meal! I must say the steamed lala has me salivating and my stomach growling...aaaargh!

    1. You should give it a try. The gravy is amazing. You can actually treat it as a soup base as well!


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