Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Drink Tea @ Seri Petaling

Drink Tea "The Healthier Choice." 

That's their tagline. This shop is owned by Bubble Cravings.
It is similar to Chatime but for their pearl, they use Roselle pearls. 

You can check out some of the drinks and the prices in this picture too :P

They say Roselle:

  • is rich in vitamin C
  • is rich in minerals
  • helps in lowering cholesterol
  • helps to lower blood pressure
  • has anti-aging properties (Psst, Melvin, you might want to check this out)
The three of us, Andrew, Amelia and I went there without Melvin because he was studying for examinations.

I love the colour of the straws :)

When we were there, there was a buy one free one promotion :D but the free drink must be the same drink with the one you paid for.

Chocolate Milk Tea, RM 4. 90

Andrew ordered Chocolate Milk Tea and got one more of the same flavour for free. The chocolate taste for me was the authentic chocolate taste although it is a bubble tea. I didn't get the feeling that it tasted fake. For Andrew, he said the chocolate tasted more natural than the one in Chatime. For Amelia, she said it was between not too artificial and not too chocalatey real.

The Chocolate Milk Tea costs RM 4.90.

Pearl Milk Green Tea, RM 5.90. The pink pearls are the Roselle pearls

Amelia ordered Pearl Milk Green Tea with the Roselle pearls. She ordered one cup to have more sugar than the other to compare both tastes. It costs RM 5.90. The overall taste was so so for us. Amelia does not recommend this. 

First off, the Roselle pearls for me was slightly sweet, almost tasteless. However, I personally prefer this over the usual black pearls. For Andrew, he said it was small and tasteless. For Amelia, she said it didn't taste like Roselle for her. 

And as all pearls go, you can get tired of chewing them although the Roselle pearls were easy to chew. 

For the sugar level, we felt that the cup labelled with less sugar was sweeter compared to the other cup. Maybe they labelled it wrongly. Either way, there was a difference of sweetness.

We sat and chatted until it was near midnight and there were a few people coming in.

No. 7, Jalan Radin Bagus, Taman Sri Petaling, 57100, KL

The pointer in the map is wrong but it's nearby because it's the same road. Drink Tea is two shops away from Bank Islam. Bank Islam is at the corner and end of the shop rows.

Contact number(s) and fax: 
03-9056 1326

Carmen~ 012- 9177 235
Alicia~ 016- 2112 118

The local website does not work: but the Taiwan one does.

FB Page: Drink Tea


  1. haha Roselle pearl, I thought it was made by rose or something, yes? XD

    1. XD well Roselle is a flower so you are almost right!

  2. Pink pearls??! Looks weird! =P


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