Thursday, 22 November 2012

Lezzetto Gelato

I got to know about this gelato through a Groupon deal. I bought it on 19 of October because I wanted to eat ice-cream at that time. It was a craving! XD The offer was two 500ml tubs of Gelato for RM 18, instead of RM 35.80. The gelato was collected from Fig & Olive in Sunway Pyramid. The gelato are manufactured by Joshafa Sdn. Bhd.

There are five other Lezzetto branches where you can get this gelato:
  • Giant Sungei Wang Plaza
  • Sungei Wang Plaza
  • Central Market
  • Pertama Complex
  • Subang Jaya (their office & storage)

I got to choose 2 from 5 flavours. The five flavours were:
  • Mango
  • Chocolate
  • Teh tarik
  • Strawberry
  • White Chocolate Chip
They also have a Durian D24 gelato but need to pay extra so I did not get that flavour. I got Teh Tarik and White Chocolate Chip flavours.

By the way, it is halal.


The Teh Tarik gelato was harder to dig out than the White Chocolate Chip gelato. It was rock hard! The White Chocolate Chip gelato was easier and softer than Teh Tarik gelato. Both tubs have been kept in the fridge at the same time and taken out at the same time. My dad commented that if the ice-cream or gelato is this hard, it is not of good quality. -_-" Ahh dad...

Taste wise, the Teh Tarik gelato was very sweet. My dad said that it was too sweet for him.
White Chocolate Chip was awesome for me. I love the taste of it and I like to chew the chocolate chip bits.

White Chocolate Chip gelato wins hands down this round.

The side of the tubs:

Sister was waiting for her Teh Tarik gelato
The side reads, "Premium Ice Cream. Just Enjoy It!"

Inside of the Teh Tarik gelato tub:

Teh Tarik Gelato
Those curled bits were the sections where we tried to dig out the Teh Tarik gelato.

Inside of the White Chocolate Chop gelato tub:

White Chocolate Chip gelato
The easiest to dig out so we ate this flavour more XD Yum yum!

Website: Lezzetto

FB Page: Lezzetto


They were featured in NTV7 too.


  1. TEH TARIK GELATO :D I try once at other place heheh, would love to try this too XD

  2. I was just at Fig & Olive last weekend!


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