Saturday, 8 September 2012

Isetan Supermarket lot 10 @ Bukit Bintang , KL

Here comes the first food for this post!
Unagi soba!
I suggested to Amelia to get this for dinner because 
I had this before & I find it very delicious.
Amelia said that the rice was a bit hard.
Original price is RM13.90 but after discount it's RM6.95.

From top left is Unagi Soba , top right is Sashimi ,
Bottom left is black pepper chicken & bottom right is Japanese Bento.

            Bento that Melvin choose that has fried chicken & prawn.

Do you feel like having more besides sashimi?
You can grab black pepper chicken beside the sushi counter. The taste is not bad also.
The original price for the chicken is RM6.80 & after less 50 % is RM3.40

This is my sushi dinner which consists of California roll , Inari & some sashimi. 

The california roll seaweed has to pulled out & rolled back to wrap the rice again. It's troublesome for me to do
 because I don't know how to pull out but they do have steps given shown on the plastic
but it's in Japanese words. 

The sashimi is fresh for us & I shared the black pepper chicken with 2 of my friends.
Overall we had our dinner less than RM10 for each person !

Lower ground floor , Isetan Lot 10
Jalan Sultan Ismail ,KL

          Starts at 7pm -  Less 30%
          Starts at 8pm -  Less 50%

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