Sunday, 23 September 2012

A&W PJ Drive In

If you have felt that A&W is disappearing, you are not hallucinating.
The A&W outlets in Malaysia are closing down one by one.

You can read this article to find out why:
KUB to exit fast-food biz by year-end

Andrew and I decided that we should dine in A&W while there are still a few outlets open.
We asked Amelia to come along too.

I like the A&W in PJ because they have the diner feel. 
Very classic.

They even have the drive-thru signboard.
The signboard says that you can drive-in and it's open for 24 hours.

There were lots of people flocking A&W that night.
We could see families and couples dining.
Almost no parking spaces.

If you have children on tow with you, you can let them sit on some of the rides available outside the diner.
If I am not mistaken, it costs 50 cents.
I saw a grandfather letting his grandchild sit on the ride.
His grandpa went inside to ask how much the ride costs and I overhead :P
Lovely grandpa!

Here are some of the things that you can see once you enter the diner.
I made it look a bit classic. :P

The original colour!

My dad said when he started working in KL years ago (when he was still a young man and I'm not sure whether he married my mum yet. LOL), he always ate the coney dogs.

From this we know that this diner is OLD!
There's some history in this building.
Imagine all the good times and bad times people could have experienced in here.

Of course we have the famous mascot!

I find it interesting that we order and pay for everything at the counter and then we wait for our waffles at another station.
It saves time and keeps the crowd moving.

Try to spot Andrew (for those who met him before XD) in the picture below.

The waffle and ice-cream station!
The three of us shared a large root beer float, curly fries (I love them) and an ice-cream waffle.

The root beer tasted flat. It was like it was not carbonated anymore.
The ice-cream was already melting when it was handed over to us at the counter.
Usually it would look round and solid.
Something wrong with the ice box that night probably.
Anyway, it was still an enjoyable drink.

The fries was awesome and crunchy when it was still warm.

This branch still serves the best A&W waffles.
It was vanilla ice-cream with Hershey's chocolate syrup.
We find that the chocolate syrup tasted more authentic than the strawberry syrup.

Once, I ordered butter and maple syrup waffles in another A&W branch that resembled a fish to me.
I used lines and circles to help all of us see what I saw.

It reminded me of Flounder, the yellow fish from The Little Mermaid.

From our seat, we saw an old picture of A&W.

Look at that!
Hot dogs were only 10 cents in the US at that time. 
Root beer was 5 cents.

The receipt below showed how much we spent that night.

If you're wondering whether A&W is halal, it is.
Free Wifi is also provided.

Best to have your fill of A&W before they are gone from Malaysia forever!

9 Lorong Sultan,
Seksyen 52, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

03-7957 6250


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  1. aiks. i remember A&W used to be very famous back then. they are like my childhood's "McD". but now... sigh.

    1. A&W did not do much advertisement or promotions like McD I guess so that's why everyone "forgot" about them. McD toys attract kids too.

  2. Wow, haven't been there for so long. Now you're making me crave for A&W.

  3. The one in PJ is the oldest one in Msia if I'm not mistaken. I'll always drop by the one in Sunway Pyramid (: Gosh, now I feel like having A&W after reading your post >.<

    1. The one in Sunway Pyramid is closed down already. Go get your fill of A&W while some outlets are still open. haha!


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