Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Kedai Kopi Fook Yuen @ Damai Plaza, Kota Kinabalu

Good news for bread lovers and tea lovers ! In this coffee shop you can get the best Teh-C and Roti Kahwin (Coconut spread/ kaya with butter) in KK, Sabah. I had this before previous trip at Fook Yuen at Asia City branch opposite Cititel Express. The drinks at that branch was not as good compared to the first outlet at Damai Plaza and the Roti Kahwin tasted good at both branches.  

 The softness of the bread and the thick butter together with the kaya combination tasted so great. In my own opinion, this bread softness was so much better than the one in PappaRich, Klang Valley.

Hot Teh-C cost RM1.90 and Teh-C Ice cost RM2.50. I'm a big fan of tea. I can really taste the tea with the smoothness of the milk of their Teh-C.

This is "San Yuk Pau", which is pork pau, are sold at the same row as Fook Yuen. There are 5 coffee shops on the same row right opposite and beside each other so you can try out a lot food there including this San Yuk Pao. I don't really like this Pao in KL because for me it was too salty when I ate it but this is very different version of it. After eating it was just nice for my stomach and not too full.

The coffee shop is located at that red umbrella and remember to sit according to the color of the chairs and tables because there are other coffee shops around Fook Yuen. It is a covered area so it is not too hot. 

This Yau Char Kuey for hi-tea session. I forgot the price but we ordered only one piece and it was not the ordinary size we have in KL. It is considered huge and looks like a butterfly if you view it from the top. This is from a coffee shop opposite Kedai Kopi Tenom which is the same row and it is easily spotted.

Don't underestimate the texture of this fried noodle and this noodle is called Tuaran Mee (RM7.50) . Is is yee mee? It is fried yee mee. It is very hard to describe but the taste was nice (Adeline: Awesome ah!) You should try this and this is located at Kedai Kopi Tenom .You can order over to Fook Yuen to eat and this is one of the Adeline's favorite food in KK. 


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Damai Plaza PH.4 .Jalan Damai, Luyang
Kota Kinabalu Sabah, 88300.

     Business Hours
Tuesday - Sunday (7.30am- 1am).

Damai Plaza (Main), Kolombong, Karamunsing Capital, Asia City (Next to Cititel Hotel) and Gaya Street.

Featured in Lonely Planet 


  1. fook yuen at damai is the best :)

  2. i went before! =DD and the roti very soft one! =DD

    1. It is so soft until I cannot describe anymore. haha =)

  3. Everytime if my friends visit KK, sure I will bring them to Damai, mainly for roti kahwin and also cause Damai has tons of foods to nom nom!

    1. I love their roti kahwin and all kind of food at there. XD

  4. Look so jummy!!
    Any one love to street food? street food

  5. is it halal?, i wish to there on this week


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