Monday, 7 January 2013

Tokyo Pasta Mario in 313@Somerset

Hi guys. Ever since I hit the maximum photo upload quota, I feel very lazy to blog because it took a longer time to complete a blog post. It has become a hassle of some sort. If you guys have any simpler photo host to recommend, please let my friends and I know. I am using Flickr and it is a pain.

Anyway this is the Singapore post which got delayed.

My family and I went to 313@Somerset and ate in this shop called Tokyo Pasta Mario. Sounds like a n arcade game no?

You can choose to sit at the counter or you can look for more tables and chairs at the back. At the back, there's a long table. That was where I sat.

Look at this HUGE plate on display. The plates on the left are the regular sizes.

I took the menu for everyone! XD On the bottom left corner, you can see the Spicy Choice and the notice that says their curry contains pork.

There is curry for everyone. You can choose the level of spiciness for your curry. There are 5 types of spicy: Normal Hot, Extra Hot, Very Hot, Super Hot, Monster Hot. All of us chose Normal Hot.

Once you order, you'll get the familiar UFO. When it blinks or flickers red, it means your dishes are ready to be collected.

Fish Fillet Curry,  S$ 8.80

This is Fish Fillet Curry. It costs S$ 8.80. It was nice and all-meat. However I don't really fancy the salad dressing. The salad dressing did not taste like thousand island and was very sour for me.

Chicken Katsu Curry,  S$ 9.80

The next dish is Chicken Katsu Curry. It costs S$ 9.80. The fried chicken is not oily and done just nice. Juicy meat with yummy rice! Om nom nom! The curry got salty for me after awhile but it is alright when eaten with rice and the chicken meat. There is pork inside the curry so it is not halal.

Cheese Chicken Katsu Curry,  S$ 10.80

My cousin ordered Cheese Chicken Katsu Curry. It costs S$ 10.80. When it came to the table with Chicken Katsu Curry, we could not differentiate which was with cheese. We decided to taste the meat from each dish but it both tasted the same and we could not taste the cheese! Both of the dishes tasted the same so we just chose a plate and got on with eating.

Pork Katsu Curry,  S$ 9.80

The Pork Katsu Curry costs S$ 9.80. My dad said it was nice.

Cheese Omelette Curry,  S$ 9.80

My sister ordered Cheese Omelette Curry. It also costs S$ 9.80. This dish has only pork meat in the curry. She finished eating all the curry on her plate.

313 Orchard Road,
#05-01/ 02/ 03,
Singapore 238895
(Food Republic, Stall 24)


Contact number: +65 6509 6643

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