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Sizzlers Restaurant at Damansara Heights

Happy 2013 !

This mainly covers my first post in 2013 and all hail to the new year! More food on the way to our tummy and prayfully nothing, or nowhere is getting any wider or bigger. Muahaha. No, I'm not kidding. *fingers crossed*

Sizzlers Restaurant came to our mind (my mind, specifically) when I browsed through the Groupon website for cheap dirt deals for food and strategically located restaurants (drive-able with GPS and some men driving LOL) and voila, Sizzlers came to an agreement for the other 5 of my friends. Although I had to say that I am a zero clue fella with directions in Damansara area, PLUS with the rest of my friends, but we took the risk and bought it.

Tyng and Andrew went through lots of trouble trying to get hold of the people in charge of the restaurant for a simple booking and according to them, it took more than 10 calls within a three-week period just to hold them down to write down their names and contact number. Which was a sad, sad customer service despite being busy at all times. Taking down a name, date for booking and contact number only requires you to spare less than 5 minutes with your (already) paid customers with a simple courteous decency reply and they can't seem to do it right even making more calls than needed to go to a toilet.

Anyway, to keep that aside and to the food, we managed to get an afternoon, brunch/lunch meet up with all 6 of us, rendezvous at Tyng's house with a two-car convoy. Setting off from Bukit Jalil area to Damansara took us 30-40 minutes, which was well, okay I guess with it saying the first time luck on us that we didn't get lost. Whee!

The groupon deals we took were two sets of 3 main dishes with salad, soup of the day and lasagna. Each groupon deal costs RM39, for three people. Main dishes were open to either pizza or pasta selections.

Notice their chairs being all fancy dandy. I guess having a luxury furniture store next to this restaurant helps with all the interior deco. Lol
I'm half guessing that guy is the big boss. *wink wink*
Tastefully decorated with lush decoration and gives the impression of fine dining, walking in to this restaurant gives a warm yet exclusive touch to it.
The 3 idiots. :D
Outside is adorned with their latest promotions.
Since they had a bar inside the restaurant, having outdoor drinking sessions during happy hour is a good thing too, not to mention the place is quiet and rather refreshing after a day's rain.
Current promotion. But according to my friend, their ala-carte dishes don't come cheap either.
Upon entrance
Promotional and menu greetings before you step into the entrance.
The entrance
We started off with fresh salads. As you can see, it combines fresh lettuce, onions, cherry tomatoes, olive with cod liver oil as flavor. It tastes rather weird, because I never liked cod liver oil, not in emulsion but oil based in the salads just gives it an awkward start.
Each person is served a bowl of mushroom soup, which you can see, watery and tasteless. Pretty much an instant powder mushroom soup with too much of water.
Milkshakes on the other hand was rather good. The taste of the pure chocolate is there and there are no signs of powdery taste to it, which gives it a welcoming start. This is chocolate milkshake and it costs RM7.90. Drinks are not included in the deal so we have to order separately for drinks.
Seen here with strawberry milkshake. Tyng said it was fine.
The garlic breads are fine too, which I was pleased about. The crunch is there and the flavoring of the garlic is not overpowering. Served hot and from the oven, make sure you savor it when you still see the smoke.
We were served first with Margherita Pizza; a combination of chicken ham, peppers, olive, mozzarella cheese and parsley leaves
The 2nd pizza we ordered was Hawaiian Pizza, a combination of pineapples, olives, peppers, mozzarella cheese and also parsley leaves.
The third pizza we had was the Seafood Marinara pizza, which was a little more luxe of ingredients as they used squids, prawns, olive, peppers, mozzarella cheese and parsley leaves. Now, do you see any difference in them? Pretty much all the similar except the main ingredients that sets them apart, right? Yep, that's what I think too. The taste were all the same too, which came to a disappointment again after the salad and the soup of the day.
As for the pasta selection, we were first served with Bolognese pasta and truth to be told, despite its lack of food presentation and the overuse of parsley leaves, this dish is the winning dish as compared to any of the dishes served to us that day. The taste is good, very balanced with the sauce and the chicken pieces in it, very flavorful indeed.
Chicken Lasagna. This looked sad to you, ain't it? The lasagna I made the other day has a better outlook and taste to this. The lasagna sheets were overcooked, too soft, the paste is too watery and you can barely taste any cream sauce in it.
The same goes to the Beef Lasagna, the same sad fate both of them have. Everyone agrees with me, except Andrew which he doesn't take beef.
Green Curry Pasta! Boy, this is pipping hot!crazy with the green chillies and cili padi. Never attempt a single bite into this if you're not a spicy tolerant person!
Carbonara, which looks rather okay but the taste is bad as expected. The thickness of the cream is there but the taste war has lost it big time.

All in all, I didn't really had a good tasting experience in this restaurant. I'm sorry for being harsh on this but even if its a deal food must not be served blandly as we are the first customers who actually paid FIRST to savor your food. And if you do notice, almost 80% of the food served were garnished with parsley leaves, as if there isn't anything else to serve about to make the food looked presentable. Instead, we felt like throwing so much of the parsley actually made all of the dishes looked boring.

But their decorations of the restaurant does give it a seemingly good, chic place to be. If you're head on around Damansara area, perhaps you can consider their Bolognese Pasta or have a drink or two with your friends.

They have wi-fi but their connection was so terrible that a simple log-in to Facebook felt dreadful.

Sizzlers Restaurant

Lot B-0-3, Semantan Suites, Block B, No. 10, Jalan Semantan, Damansara Heights
Kuala Lumpur 50490

Contact Number: 03-2011 3335 or 016-918 1948: 11am – midnight

Cheers and have a happy 2013!

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  1. RM1 for 2nd ala cart is a damn good promo! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Sycookies, nope the pizzas aren't greasy at all. The crusts were fine but the overall taste was very bland for all of the pizzas. :(

  3. But the pizza looks good though although the environment has a lot of room for improvement.

    1. Well, its not all that good to me. This is when picture deceive you! Lol. Anyway, if you do plan to eat, let us know what you think of it. :)


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