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Best of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah -Part 2

Above the picture was my last visits picture at KK. Photo taken at Tanjung Aru beach for the sunset and the snorkeling area was Pulau Sapi. Those island was part of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (Manukan, Mamutik, Sapi, Sulug and Gaya. My first visit was at Pulau Sapi which my aunt suggested me to go there where you can see a lot of corals and fishes instead of Manukan because that island too commercialized.

This place located at Sutera Harbour Resort. This picture taken at 9am near the marina. For more further information about the islands can be read through Adeline's blog.

My first visit to this UPPERSTAR Cafe & Bar. This was known as Chezzy Carozza with wedges (RM7.95) served very hot and waiting the longest among the others!

Grilled Chicken Burger (RM8.50) served with coleslaw and potato salad. Adeline's relatives let us tried the salad and I love the salad. Inside the salad have eggs too. Adeline's also love it.

The interior of the cafe is awesome! We ate at here during christmas eve for lunch.

                      Some decoration in the cafe.

Appearance of the shop looks expensive right? Actually you are wrong, inside of the cafe serving affordable food and cheap beer (RM40 for 1 Heineken tower).

Adeline's aunt love their Hainanese Chicken Rice (RM7.95). Appearance looks like Singapore chicken rice to me because of the sauces.

I have ordered Spaghetti Cabonara (7.95) and actually Adeline's aunt suggested me to order Lamb Massala Rice but the moment I wanted to order then it was sold out. The other visits at Suria Sabah was sold out too. The taste of the spaghetti was not too creamy and served with mushrooms, hams, capsicum and garlic. Adeline's said so-so only and for me was descent taste.

Baked Mushroom Soup (RM6.95) that ordered by Adeline's. She love the soup at here.

I ordered Grilled Chicken (RM14.95) during new year eve and this will be my 3rd times to this cafe throughout the whole trip. Again I wanted to order the Lamb Massala Rice was out of order but at other branches too. I didn't regret ordering this because this chicken chop well presentable for this price. Serving with garlic bread, coleslaw, potato salads, mashed potatoes and the chicken chop. The sauce is not too salty with the combination of white mushroom sauce and no chicken skin.

Their main menu of the cafe.

Chritmas, new year and valentine's day menu.

Free internet surfing at the cafe. Line was good at the dekstop but not the wifi at there.

The entrance of the Upperstar at Lintas branch.

Branches & Service
Upperstar cafe @Suria Sabah - Food portion was huge among the others according to Adeline's aunt.

Upperstar cafe @Damai          - Service was slow maybe because we ordered beer during afternoon.

Upperstar cage @ Lintas         - Free dekstop surfing internet and service was fast.

                                                         Address & Tel -Damai Branch

G35, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
Tel : 088-487 233 (Suria)

Block C, lot 8, Ground Floor,
Lorong Okok kayu Manis,
Damai plaza Phase 3,
Kota Kinabalu.
(Same row as Coffee Bean)
Tel : 088-260 388 (Damai)

Lot 97-99, Ground Floor,
Lintas Plaza, Phase 2C
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel : 088-233 636 (Lintas)

This dumpling was from Kedai Kopi Tenom @ Damai Plaza. There are 3 dumpling stalls on the same row with this coffee shop. That dumpling sometime consist of very little meat because we ate there few times on a week but sometimes is alright. The taste of the dumpling was decent to me.

 Me and Adeline's prefer the fried dumpling instead of the steam dumpling because it's more crunchy.

The price for the dumpling. We did tried the other dumpling stalls infront of Fook Yuen but the meat was not as good here although the skills of making the dumpling are better than here. 

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