Friday, 22 February 2013

Majestic Bay @ Gardens By The Bay

My aunt brought us to dine here after marveling Gardens by the Bay. Let me give you a brief tour of the restaurant first before we head for the food!

We saw this outside the restaurant before going in and it looks good :)
Dimsum treats handmade by Guangzhou-born Chef Li Shou Tao.

Most people think fine dining serve small portions but in this restaurant the portions are huge.
Even the manager taking our orders asked my aunt whether she really wanted that much and advised her to cut down some orders.

Thank goodness my aunt did cut down orders, because we still couldn't finish eating everything!


This is their logo (to say we are here! You are in the right place! XD)


Once you enter, you'll see the two deck aquarium on your left.

bluetooth pics10

Get to see your food (seafood! Get it?)


This is an interesting fish to me. It's not dead. It swims like that.
Presenting, the Turbot fish.


NOW, on your right is the bar. Yes this restaurant has a bar. Looks pretty cool.

bluetooth pics

Move forwards and you get to see the tables and chairs. You'll go WHOA. Well, I did so..

I think the circular mirrors are to resemble air bubbles.
bluetooth pics8
My family's table

Behind the panel of mirrors is a secret room, as shown in the picture below.


Fine dining. Fancy cups, fancy glass, fancy plates, fancy everything...
Look at our glasses. Cantik ahhhh....

bluetooth pics9

Even fancy wine.. at least I think so XD because my dad pointed it out to me.




This is their menu and the dimsum menu is on another piece of paper.



This is the starter snack. Wasabi chips. 

Wasabi chips

Classic Har Gau and Siu Long Pau

bluetooth pics5
Har Gau (Above) S$4.80 for four pieces/ one basket, Siu Long Pau (bottom) S$4.20 for 3 pieces/ one basket

Custard Bun. OOOH YUMMEH.. 

bluetooth pics4
Custard Bun, S$4.50 for 3 pieces/ one basket

Crispy yam dumplings with minced pork.

bluetooth pics3
Crispy yam dumplings with minced pork, S$3.80 for 3 pieces/ one basket

As seen in their poster, the Seared Chilli Crab Meat Bun.

bluetooth pics2
Seared Chilli Crab Meat Buns, S$4.50 for 3 pieces

Baked BBQ Pork Buns

bluetooth pics1
Baked BBQ Pork Buns, S$4.20 for 3 pieces

Duck Fried Rice

Duck Fried Rice, S$10.00

Brinjal. They called it Eggplant Pot.

Eggplant Pot, S$27.00

They called it Trio Egg Amaranth Leaf.
Inside it's century eggs, salted eggs, amaranth leaves ( a kind of vege. New word for us), eggs.

Trio Egg Amaranth Leaf, S$24.00

Peking Duck.
Wrap it all up and chomp.
Yum yum yum *licks lips*

bluetooth pics7
Peking Duck, S$58.00

Ok the adults love this but I didn't.
It was because I did not like the vinegar. The vinegar taste was too strong for me.

It's called the Vinegar Pork, or Pork Vinegar. Either way, it's the same.

bluetooth pics6
Vinegar Pork, S$18.00 for one

Overall, all the food were delicious and we were all too full. My grandmother enjoyed it so all was well :D My grandma loves Singapore. She loves plants.

18 Marina Gardens Drive,
#01-10 Flower Dome,
 Singapore 018953

(Below Flower Dome, next to the escalator)


Contact number:
6604 6604

6604 6626

Business Hours:

      Monday - Friday
      11:45 AM - 2:30 PM

      Saturday, Sunday & PH

      11.30 AM - 2:30 PM
      5:45 PM - 9:30 PM

Email address:

Majestic Bay (Official)
Majestic Bay (Gardens by the Bay web)
Majestic Bay (FB Page)

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