Sunday, 3 March 2013

Greek Food - Part 2

Greek Spinach Pie
Tasted little bit like white sauce lasagna. The overdose of parmesan and cheddar cheese in the pie have covered the taste of vegetable. Greek salad was good though. Lettuce used are fresh and the lemon dressing just blend well. 5 euro for this dish. Spinach pie can be found commonly at any Greek restaurant.

Pecan Cake
One of my favourite Greek dessert. You can taste the strong pecan smell when the pecan cake melted in your mouth. 50 cents euro for a slice. 
Ancient Greek Market

Look at how cute is this toy set
They have different cartoon characters too

The masks look kinda scary 

You can find myriad type of herbs in the market. Very cheap though. 1 euro per pack.

If the Mediterranean weather is a bit warm for you, its good to reward yourself with some ice cream. The Pistachio nut ice cream that i have is really good !!! 

This is how fresh Olive look like. 

Off Syntagma Square. Good place to shop for souvenirs. Remember to bargain.

Some other landmarks in Athens

                                Stay tune for more about Greece. I will post about Santorini soon.

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  1. omg you went santorini!!! perfect place for wedding I guess hahaha :p


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