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Best of Kota Kinabalu -Part 3

Finally is my last part of my KK food hunt and holiday post! 
The best part of KK was the weather is very sunny and clear sky. This picture taken at Shangri-la Hotel @Tanjung Aru. This hotel not as new compare to Sutera Harbour and a bit far too. The hotel is facing South China Sea. Is it true that only Sabah is surrounded by 3 seas? YES! First is Celebes Sea, Sulu Sea and South China Sea. Thats the reason Malaysia have a place inside top 10 diving site in the world which is Sipadan island.

 Let's get back to food hunting at the city! =P

First meal of the day and haave you ever heard of this "sang nyuk mee" in KL? I guess we heard before but just don't know how it taste like. Adeline's uncle & aunty brought us here to try this before leaving  =D

From the picture looks like the ordinary pork noodle at KL. What makes Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mee @ Lintas (RM.5.50) so special? I can taste the softness and the tenderness of the pork. If this is available at KL and I will order this instead of the ordinary pork noodle because I can taste there is no fat in the pork which I hate the most. They used charcoal to boiled the soup and making the soup even tastier

According to Adeline's relative saying that pork noodle in KL and "sang nyuk mee" cooked very differently in terms of the different part of the meat using and the soup. It is not the same and of course cannot compare.

This is the dry version of "sang nyuk mee" and actually is just the noodle dry . This will be serve with a small bowl of pork. I ordered this so I can try 2 taste. hehe

Here come the small bowl of "sang nyuk mee". This noodle is definitely must try if going to KK in future. I miss this noodle so much now.


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Restoran Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mee
Lot 19-0, Ground Floor, Lorong Lintas Plaza
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Business Hour
6.30 - 4.30pm

Me and Adeline walking around the city to get out lunch so ended up at Hong Kong Recipe because is near Center Point shopping mall.

I have decided to ordered set D which is cheese baked rice. This is one of the most expensive set and most of the set lunch very reasonable.

The set was served with 'ying yong' it tastes too much of coffee. Me & Adeline's don't really like this.

I ordered a set of their cheese baked rice and overall the taste is so dry, not cheesy and taste totally far different than Kim Gary Restaurant at Klang Valley.

This soup is part of the set. I love the soup instead of cream soup or borsch soup that serve at Kim Gary.

Adeline's ordered chicken katsu don (RM13.80++)

For her, it tasted good and the soup that came with it was just right: not too salty.

G823, Lot No. B-06, Grd Flr, Block B
Warisan Square, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens,
88000, KK, Sabah.



*10% Service Charge

Boring of drinking Cha Time at Klang Valley? Try this Yoyo Cafe that offering variety of bubble tea. Adeline's ordered winter melon tea (RM3.30) and I ordered black jelly milk tea. The winter melon tea was not as sweet compare to Gong-Cha and my black jelly milk tea tasted normal to me. I have tried this previous trip and most of the Sabahan would go there for "yum cha" session with friends and family.

1) Suria Sabah Mall 
2) Lintas Square
3) Damai
 4) Center Point


  1. yet to taste sang nyuk meen in KL. its normally just chi yuk meen. Perhaps I have not been really looking for it.

    1. You should give a try one day and it is really delicious =D

  2. The pork noodle looks delicious. Maybe, like you mentioned; It tasted more tender because it was charcoal-boiled instead of the normal gas stove. :)

    1. Yup, I prefer the Sang Nyuk Mee there compare to KL pork noodles ;D

  3. Except for Hong Kong Recipe, mostly I will bring my visitors for Sang Nyuk Mee and Yoyo cause these two are famous among KK people =D. Frankly speaking, KL baked cheese rice is better than KK one. KK need still need to improve on that.

  4. Thats the reason Malaysia have a place inside top survival warehouse food 10 diving site in the world which is Sipadan island.


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