Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Greek Food - Part 1

This post written by Andrew's elder brother called Alan Chong. Here comes the Greek food and some sightseeing at Athens, Greece! 

Greek Kebab
Way better than typical Turkish kebab than we can find in Malaysia or anywhere at Western Europe. Affordable price  (1.50 euro to 2.00 euro depending on location). A typical Turkish kebab cost 4 to 6 euro at Paris, London, Barcelona and Amsterdam. There are selection of meats ranging from pork to chicken, topped with onions, sour cream, crispy potato chips and chilli powder. Kebab is a very common street food in Greece. Most backpackers eat kebab to keep their stomach full while trying to save some money. 

Mashed Potato in Greek Style
Is also known as Fava in Greek. Another common dishes in Greece. The mashed potato is creamy and smooth. Topped with spring onion. The Cooked olive oil just blend so well with the mashed potato. 

At Zeus Temple. Another highlight at Athens

View from top of Acropolis. It remind me of the hill and residential area in Doraemon series. 

The first Olympic stadium in the world. 

Roasted pork served with bread. It cost just 1 euro.

At Parthenon

Greece flag flying high. 

Olive Tree

Different type of olive. Olive is a day to day food for the Greek. 

The Greek Parliament.

Look at the furry shoe that the guard is wearing   XD

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  1. It's really unique to see that they are actually wrapping Potato Fries into Kebab


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