Thursday, 8 August 2013

Pier 21 @ Terminal 21, Bangkok

Highly recommended place to visit in Bangkok will be this Pier 21 ! Why? Cheap food and great mall!

 Mango Sticky Rice for 35 baht! The mango tasted sweet and the rice was not too sticky too. This mango sticky rice is the cheapest in Bangkok and the 2nd cheapest mango sticky rice was in Krabi (30baht) @ Market.

 Green curry fried rice (45baht). Usually I have green curry in soup based instead of fried rice. Tasted so good, maybe because I was hungry that time. It was not too milky compared to the fried rice version. It was very fragrant as well.

Love the food court the most and Food Republic couldn't compete with Pier 21 in terms of the ambience and prices. All of my friends love Bangkok the most because they are drawn to the cheap and delicious food here.
 You will never miss the sign of Pier 21 inside the @Terminal 21 located behind the iconic Golden Gate Bridge!

 Secondly, please visit the wash rooms too! Every floor with different themes including automatic washlet. One of the best wash room in Bangkok.

Hokkaido green tea soy milk. Tasted just nice for me and not too sweet. Located near the supermarket.

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