Monday, 11 November 2013

Backpack to Busan and Seoul, South Korea - Part 1

It has been months I didn't blog and this time I will blog about Busan, South Korea. I'm not a fan of K-Pop and what made me interested to visit Korea instead of Taiwan? One of the reasons it's maybe I don't really like Taiwan food compared to Korean food. 

Gimhae International Airport (Busan) and thats Air Asia X at the middle of picture   =P

I bought the flight for RM800 return ticket including tax, choosing seats (RM70 return) and luggage (15KG for RM50).

First time flying so far and in my mind telling me for sure this trip will be very expensive for a student like me! I spent RM2000 for 9 days including (flights, rooms, foods),  RM200 (Shopping) and another RM300 for bullet train to from Busan to Seoul. Total whole trip spent RM2500 for 9 days. I will type down the whole list that I spent for the whole trip.

I'm staying at Gwangali Beach at one of those budget motel nearby here for RM130 (Air Cond + Wifi + hair dryer + Big TV) and bathroom attached. This is exactly the Sun City Motel entrance was and it is facing the beach.

Sunrise at the Gwangali beach

A must eat seafood noodle at Busan! Just for  6000 Won (RM18). Inside of the noodles consists of 7-8 mussels, 1 crab and squid. The noodles is spicy and it was perfect to eat at that weather there. Seafood was very fresh too especially the mussels.

This shop is located at the same row as Tae Jong Dae park entrance and just beside the bus stop where all the drivers wash the bus there. You can't miss it because it is the cheapest food at that same row of shops. No English menu so I'm just pointing at the pictures on the menu or pointing at the next table.

List of Expenditure @ Korea
Day 1 (Busan)

1200 (LRT)
1400 (Interchange Train)
11000 (Pork ribs with potato soup and vege) -Dinner
= 13 600 WON / RM41

Day 2 (Busan)

4000 (Daily pass train) RM12
25900( Mugunghwa Train to Seoul on day 3) RM78
5750 (Dinner)
820 (Coffee)
6000 (Seafood noodle)

Day 3 (Busan and Seoul)

2350 (Waffle for Breakfast)
6500 (Beef ramen and curry udon for lunch @ Hongdae)
1150 (Airport Train from Seoul Station to Hongik University)
5500 (Korean chicken chop style dinner @ Hongdae)
2500 (Bread)
500 (Water)

Total 3 days = 70750 WON / RM216.50

Advantages of backpacking at Korea
*Sky juice free at every restaurant and refillable too
*No service charge or government tax
*Nett price as shown in menu

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