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Backpack to Busan and Seoul, South Korea - Part 2

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Adeline and I went to Seoul on the third day of our trip. We took the slowest train in South Korea (Mugunghwa) and the cheapest way to go after comparing with the other 2 trains. It took us 5 hours plus to reach Seoul, but it would take about 2 hours 50 minutes if we took the KTX (bullet train).

Mugunhwa 25900 Won (RM79) and KTX 54800 Won (RM165)

I did take the KTX back to Busan on the last day to catch my flight back to Malaysia. Although the journey of KTX was the fastest but the Mugunghwa provided better scenery to enjoy such as seeing orange plantation, paddy fields and grapes farm. The picture above shows how the Busan Station looks like. Nice right?

Paddy fields all the way to Seoul.

This was the hostel I stayed called the Little Pencil 2nd Hongdae for 5 nights at Hongik University station neighbourhood at Seoul. This hostel provided washing machine, hair dryer, kitchen, microwave oven, refrigerator, TV, air conditioner, floor heater, passcode door and free WIFI. All of the facilities are SAMSUNG brand!

Average 1 night per room that I booked through Agoda cost me RM130. This room is twin sharing and it has a toilet attached too. One of the best budget room I had ever stayed compared to the rooms I stayed in Hong Kong or Thailand! There is a Chinese receptionist from Hong Kong too and she can guide you everything from food to shopping.

Everything is beyond excellence for the price and the quality of the facilities for this room.

Namsan Seoul Tower at night. You can choose to take bus or cable car to this tower.

You can bring some locks to lock it at this big heart stainless steel by writing some love message. 

It's not a convention centre. It's the National Museum of South Korea.

Pavillion mall KL? This is the National Museum. Damn NICE right?? Best place to get some knowledge and it's free entry. Guided tour from Japanese language to Mandarin are provided upon request at the counter. There are 6 sections which covers 3 whole floors. There are gold on display in this museum too.

Ice cream cone @ Insadong. View my Instagram account @foodlovers for the Twins Sundae picture!
It cost 2000 Won (RM6) for a sundae.

List of expenditures at Seoul
Day 4

1500 (Rice Ball)
23000 per person (Nami Island -Winter Sonata place) including transportation, entrance fee and ferry.
8000 (Magnet at Namsan Tower)
7500 (T-Money) 5000 won credit & 2500 purchasing cards
900 (Water)
6500 (Dinner)

Day 4 = 47 400 Won / RM145

 *Nami Island is located at Seoul outskirt and advanced booking is required.
 *T-Money is a card like our Malaysian TOUCH & GO or Hong Kong's Octopus Card that could be used at any public transport and convenience stores to purchase items. 

Day 5
5000 (Reloading T-Money)
5000 (Brunch)
16000 ( Meeting up a friend to have Chinese food dinner at Myeongdong) 
9000 (Going up to Namsan Seoul Tower)
2250 (Hello Kitty cafe divided between 2 persons)
4250 (Fridge magnet)

Day 5 = 44000 Won / RM135

Day 6
10 000 (Reloading T-Money)
3000 (Egg Ramen @ Museum) One of the cheapest meal in the whole trip
3000 (Dinner divided between 2 persons)
3000 (Teokbokki for supper, teriyaki chicken stick & gimbap) Divided between 2 persons
1000 ( Tall sundae) Divided between 2 persons
3000 ( Palace entrance fee) 
1000 (water)

Day 6= 24000 Won/ RM73.50

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  1. Hopefully one day I can get to travel to Busan as well. Seems like a pretty nice trip u had! :)

  2. I like the room. Clean and cosy.


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