Monday, 25 November 2013

Backpack to Busan and Seoul, South Korea - Part 3

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This will be my last post for backpacking in South Korea. 

The best part of Korea throughout the whole trip was the weather. Temperature was around 16 degrees Celsius in the afternoon and 9 degrees Celsius in the morning. You can walk for the whole day without sweating!!! Best time for sightseeing!

It was very hard to find somebody to help us take pictures but we managed to get a nice Japanese man to help us take some pictures of us and we helped him to take photos of him in a few locations. Helped each other :) The picture above was at Nami Island, where Winter Sonata was filmed.

Red maple tree and green maple tree. 

First time seeing maple leaves.

Fish cake on the left and teriyaki chicken on the right. I love the teriyaki chicken! Each cost 2500 Won (RM7.70). There is a machine to cook the teriyaki chicken and you can watch the video in my Instagram account @foodlovers . A lot people ate the sweet corn which costs 3000 Won but I'm not a fan of corn so we decided to eat something else. 

This is the Cheonggyecheon Stream. Why can't Malaysia do something like this at our Klang river? A lot Koreans hang out at the stream at night. You can make a wish too by throwing coins. Looks nice during the day and night time.

Hello Kitty Cafe @ Hongdae. We ordered Caramel Latte and the taste was not as good as the local brand coffee called Angel In Us Coffee and Holly Coffee. It costs 4500 Won (RM13.80) for a cup of coffee. Nice theme cafe for hanging out at least once in a lifetime although I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty. This shop closed at 11pm because we were the last customer that day. LOL

There are 5 palaces in Seoul itself. We wanted to visit Gyeongbokgung Palace, which the largest, but it was closed for 3 months. How sad! So one of my friends brought us to another palace called Changdeokgung Palace instead. I would say that was the only attraction in Seoul, which was sightseeing palaces besides shopping only. 

Going back to Busan for the last two days where we'll catch a flight back to KL. Adeline and I decided to take the KTX (Bullet Train) back to Busan from Seoul Station. It can speed up to 300Km/h and took only 2 hours 50 mins. It costs 54 800 Won (RM168) for a single journey.

I still prefer the slowest train in South Korea called Mugunghwa which took up to 5-6 hours to Seoul from Busan because we get to see more scenery. It costs 25 900 (RM79) . At least I tried both and I could experience the differences between both trains. KTX has wifi but couldn't connect. South Korea is a country with the world's fastest internet speed but we couldn't connect to the internet and I was really speechless. (Perhaps the train was too fast! XD)

One of my favourite fountain show! It is inside Aqua Mall in Busan. There are 3 slots of fountain shows in a day. We watched this at 3pm. Very awesome fountain shows with words too and playing Super Junior songs. 

Busan Tower 

List of Expenditures
Day 7
6000 (Brunch)
4500 (Bulgogi Hotdogs @ Itaewon)
6000 (Reloading T-money)
54800 (KTX-Bullet Train to Busan)
3250 (Chocolate Drinks)
4000 (Dinner)
1500 (Ice cream and waffle) Divided between 2 persons
500 (Water) 
2250 (Bread)

82 800 WON / RM 253

Day 8
3500 (Dessert and gimbap)
5000 (Lunch)
2750 (Angel In Us Coffee @ Busan) Divided between 2 persons
4000 (Daily pass metro @Busan) 
900 (Snack)
4000 (Dinner)

= 20 150 WON / RM62

Day 9
1400 (Single Journey Metro) - Card
1300 (LRT to Gimhae Airport) - Token
7500 (Breakfast @ Airport) - Octopus Bibimbap 

= 10 200 WON / RM31

9 Days expenses = 288 130 KOREAN WON / RM882
Shopping             = 89 100                               / RM273
APPROXIMATELY TOTAL                       = RM1155

Flight           = RM 800 per pax
Room           = RM 537 per pax
Exp + Shop = RM1155 per pax
TOTAL       = RM2492 


  1. I love those nature pics that you took. Look so colorful and serene. Also the stream. With the blue lights illuminating it, it just pretty up the stream.

  2. Maple leaves are so beautiful. I havent seen one myself and you are so lucky to be able to see both the red and green!

  3. Yeah the maple leaves and the scenery all so nice here. Provided u guys spent 2.5k but get to eat and visit all those places considered quite cheap already :)

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