Saturday, 15 June 2013

Food in Kuching Part 3: Foochow Food

For dinner, we had Foochow food in BDC Food Court. My pictures don't do justice to the food but based from what I googled online, a lot of Sarawakians love their Tien Pien Hu, Sarawak Laksa, Tomato Kueh Teow and Kolo Mee.

You've read 3 or 4 in the previous posts so today you get to see Tien Pien Hu.

We ordered 3 dishes to share.

The first dish is Mee Sua. It costs RM 6 a bowl. 

Smells and tastes good for me. :)
As you can see, there's chicken and mushrooms.

The second dish is Tien Pien Hu. It costs RM 3.50
I am not familiar with Foochow food so..
There's fishballs, the 'noodle' made form rice starch, veges..
Good for those who don't want a big dish for dinner.

Last but not least, the Kampua! It costs RM 3.50
As I said before, I am not familiar with Foochow food but I think blogpost  (Kampua Mee) explains it better.

For breakfast the next day, we had Sarawak Laksa in Hoojoo Cafe. It costs RM 3.50 for small, RM 4.50 for large.

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  1. ahhh swak food is good, i just had kolo mee and swak laksa last week! :D

  2. eh, the prices of food in sarawak quite reasonable leh.

  3. i think i still prefer kampua mee and the laksa! haha


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