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Kuching Part 2

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The next day we had breakfast in Kim Yu Li Cafe at 3rd Mile Pasar. It's opposite Dunlop and Silverstone. Hahaha! That's the best directions I can give.


We tried Kueh Chap. It's all pork meat. We did not order the ones with internal organs. For small it's RM 4, medium is RM 5 and large (they call it zhen) is RM 6. Obviously we took the small bowl. Those who like Chinese food will like the taste.

Kueh Chap small, RM 4
For lunch, we had Kolo Mee. I don't know the shop's name but it's at Green Road, near Gosaylak grocery shop. One bowl costs RM 5. Xu Vin suggested that we try the Kolo Mee with pork oil, which gives the red tint on the noodles. It was yummy and filling on a rainy day.

The picture below shows the difference between the noodles with and without the oil.

Kolo Mee, RM 5

We also ordered Teh C Ping (Ice Teh C).

Teh C Ping

We also went to Song Kheng Hai Bazaar.

We ordered:

  • Sotong Kangkung (RM 3.50), 
  • Belacan Mihun (RM 3.50), 
  • White Lady (a dessert, RM 2), 
  • Matterhorn/ Metahorn (a dessert, RM 2)- It sounded like a beer name to me (Beach Life's Cape Horn) but my cousin said it sounded like a name for a Transformers robot.
  • Kong Pia (RM 0.80 each)- sounds like scolding someone, no? :P

For someone who doesn't like sotong and kangkung, Sotong Kangkung is delicious. Not joking here. I don't like sotong and kangkung but I like this dish.

Sotong Kangkung, RM 3.50

Belacan Mihun is nice but because I am not used to belacan, it's going to be biased if I describe any further. Of course it's edible! My cousin and her friend liked it and I ate some of it.

Belacan Mihun, RM 3.50

We ordered two desserts called White Lady and Matterhorn/ Metahorn. Not sure of the spelling for the latter but it sounds like that. Both are good but if I am asked to choose one, I'll go for White Lady.

This is because I am a sweet-tooth, not a sour-tooth (if the word exists!) Matterhorn/ Metahorn has a bit of sourish taste.

Matterhorn/ Metahorn, RM 2

The picture above shows Matterhorn/ Metahorn. I feel like I am introducing a robot, like how they introduced Megatron under the dam. You can see that there are watermelon cubes, cendol, cincau jelly, ice (duh) and lemon. Sour sour.

White  Lady, RM 2

Here comes the White Lady. All bow down please. Ok, now you can stand up. This dessert is more milky and sweet. I like. I like. I like. :D No need to say anymore.

Kong Pia, RM 0.80 each

Last but not least, my new favourite food. Kong Pia! Can tell people off with this word and it's friendly too because it's a name of a food. Nyehehehehe. You Kong Pia! I was told it's a food from Sibu. The one we ordered had pork filling but there are other fillings to such as kaya.

To me, it's similar to Char Siew Pau.

And a last picture to recap what we ate.

From clockwise top right: Kong Pia, Sotong Kangkung, Metahorn, White Lady, Belacan Mihun

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  1. Ohhhh yums! I'm a sarawakian and I never seen the belacan mihun before >.<


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