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Food in Kuching Part 4: Going back in time

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For today's post, it is more indigenous and Malay.

We tried Sago Pancakes in Sarawak Cultural Village. It smells yummy and it tastes best eaten when it's fresh. If not it'll be dry. The pancake is not super sweet. Support the people working there :D And haha, I did not take down the price. Wahahahah... ahahahha..hah (OMG how could you do this to us?!)

Ok it's RM 2. It is not cooked or fried with oil.

Sago Pancake

Since it's the cultural village and this blog is about food, I'll post some pictures showing how the kitchen looks like in those days.

Check out how they store the red spoons int he picture below. It's ingenius for me!

Big pan and big stove and big fire..
Imagine all the embers flying about while you cook! Ouch ouch ouch and smoky.

I think cooking with these kills two birds with one stone.
You cook and get food, and you get a sauna at the same time.

Cherish our modern stoves and ovens :P

Opposite the Cultural Village is the Damai beachfront. They have a food court there where performers from the cultural village eat as well. I ordered Butter Chicken Rice from Stall Number 10 and I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted good.

For dinner, we took a boat across the Kuching waterfront to the restaurant called Barok (or My Village Barok). We were recommended to go there to try the Ayam Penyet. The best description of the restaurant I can give is it's behind a big food court and it's a wooden house. When I first entered, it reminded me of Aunty Juliet's in Kota Kemuning.

In Barok, they have a lot of set menus to choose from. We chose the one with Chinese tofu (they make it really like the Chinese style and good!), pakis cooked with garlic called Midin (green vegetable that we do not have in KL, good too), vegetables (cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms etc), chicken (Ayam Penyet) and rice.

It must be good because the cats there sat beside me on the stool. The waiter had to chase the cat away. Another customer next to us helped too. Everyone was friendly :D even the cats, so no fear.

From top right clockwise: Rice (everybody knows so it's a good starting point XD), Chinese tofu, the bowl of vegetables, pakis called Midin, fish and then the chicken (Ayam Penyet).
The fish was awesome. It was cooked right and smooth. Nyam nyam nyam. Mahu lagi. We ordered siakap fish cooked in sweet and sour sauce.

For drinks, we ordered the Barok Special. In Barok Special, there's Sunkist, lime, lemon, asam boi and lychee. I would describe the taste as refreshing :D


  1. sago pancake? thats special! how does it taste like?

    1. A bit like waffles but when it's cold already I couldn't get much taste.


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