Saturday, 13 October 2012

Ichiban Boshi @ Sunway Giza

It was my two sisters' first time in Sunway Giza.
I wanted them to try out the fried rice in Coffee Chemistry Cafe but I did not realize they closed down :P
It shows that I have not eaten there for a long time.

Our next refueling station was Ichiban Boshi.
They are owned by RE&S and RE&S has many other businesses such as a bakery and other restaurants.

RES has four Ichiban Boshi outlets in Malaysia: in Pavilion, Sunway Giza, Publika Shopping Gallery and Setia City Mall.

The menu.
I was surprised to see bibimbap on the menu.
Curious, I decided to order it.
It's called Sizzling Curry Bibimbap.

The cost: RM 19.90

Inside the bibimbap, we have eggs, fish flakes, rice, chicken meat with Japanese curry.
Of course there are carrots and potatoes as well.
The miso soup was nice. I like it because it was not too salty.
I like this bibimbap because it fills me up!

My youngest sister ordered Ebi Fry Curry.
She loves prawns and Japanese curry :)
The dish costs RM 19.90 too.

As seen in the picture, it's ebi fry, rice and Japanese curry with carrots and potatoes.
My sister said it was alright but it was spicy for her.
My sisters and I have low tolerance for spiciness so most probably it will not be spicy for some of you. Heeeheeehee!

My other sister just picked dishes from the conveyor belt.
As usual, she took Tamago and Inari.

Each cost RM 2.00

For her, she said she preferred the Inari in Sushi Zanmai.
When it comes to the Tamago, she said she liked Ichiban Boshi's because the egg is sweeter.

A close up of the inari.

She even took egg mayo inari.
She said the best egg mayo inari for her would be the one in Sakae Sushi but she hasn't eaten there for A LONG TIME, so the one in Sakae Sushi may or may not be good now.

The egg mayo inari cost RM 4.00

Andrew ordered half-roasted salmon, which was why the colour looks like that.
Red plate costs RM 4.00

He said it's not bad.
He also added that he would prefer smoked salmon instead.

This time, we ordered desserts as well :D

I ordered Mousy Brownie to share.
It costs RM 8.90

I have tasted better brownies (the best was made by my friend's aunt! Unbeatable brownies!) but this was alright too.
It came with vanilla ice-cream and crushed nuts with a cherry on top.

My sister ordered another dessert called the Tempura ice-cream.
The name got all of us curious.
It cost RM 6.90

It was topped with strawberry syrup.
Inside, it was vanilla ice-cream as well.
It's like fried ice-cream but we didn't like it.
It was so-so.

The outer layer was not crispy.
It was like a biscuit that has been exposed to the air for some time.
My sister and I would prefer the outer layer to be warm too.
I guess the super cold ice-cream made everything else cold :P

We won't be trying this again but you guys can order it to try.
Maybe that time they'll make it good for you! XD

All of us ordered green tea.
Each costs RM 1.50.

I have a feeling they charged us for refill, also RM 1.50.
Either that or they keyed in my bill wrongly and I didn't double check this time!
Usually I do.

FB Page:
Ichiban Boshi Malaysia


Block D,
F. 01, First Floor,
2 Jalan PJU 5/14, PJU 5,
Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.


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Contact number:

Fax number:
03-6148 1839

Business hours:

Sunday - Thursday: 11am-10pm

Friday and Saturday: 11am-10.30pm

Wifi: Available


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