Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Marshmallow Drinks

I'm a marshmallow lover since I was a kid. Maybe it's because my aunt used to buy from overseas to give my family. I love everything from cakes to BBQ marshmallows!

#1 The drink is originally from hot cocoa mix with marshmallows. 

#2 You can buy this from Cold Storage Supermarket for RM 13.99.

#3 This is from the original packet from the Marshmallow Classics.

From the picture, it looks like there are less marshmallows from the #1 pic

I used the other packet that I bought from Singapore which is called Marshmallow Fat Free where there's a lot more marshmallow compared to the Classics' version .

You can see the differences in the following picture.

#4 The Marshmallow Fat Free version that I bought in Singapore. The taste is just lighter & the hot cocoa taste is not as strong as the Classics.

#5 I accidentally threw the box away because just left 1 packet in my kitchen. You can see the separate packets for marshmallow and the hot cocoa mix.

#6 Those marshmallows above is from the fat free version. More marshmallows than the classics version. 

#7 My younger brother wanted to drink too so he
decided to help me boil the milk. He is a good chef anyway & sometimes he'll cook kim chi soup for me to drink.

#8 I used to boil water to make my drinks but this time I boiled milk to put into the drinks. The difference after all was I just felt so full in the stomach until I didn't eat my dinner.

#9 Left side of the cup is Classics & right side of the cup is Fat Free. 

The moment I poured hot milk into the Classics, the marshmallow just melt in seconds. For the Fat Free version, the marshmallows are separated from the cocoa powder so you can dump the marshmallows later.


  1. WA SAI! I LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE and Marshmallow! didnt know both can combine. :O shall try :P and i love eating marshmallow with melt chocolate :P


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