Saturday, 27 October 2012

Morganfield's or Chicago ?

Morganfield's @ Pavillion , KL
This is my first time blogging to do a comparison between two shops! I will be comparing the
pork ribs between Morganfield's & Chicago.

My buddy brought me over here to try this ribs because she knew that I love ribs.
We order 3 ribs which is original, BBQ & chili. The picture above is the original flavour which I love the most!!

This is BBQ pork ribs & the taste was not bad too. Adeline love this too.

This chili pork ribs doesn't really taste good for me among the three ribs & I don't really like this.

Lot No: C4.03.00- Pavilion, KL




Chicago @ 1 Utama
What makes the ribs taste good?
The sauce or the meat? 
The second pork ribs I had was in the shop called Chicago.

Their menu looks like a magazine to me.

They do offer liquor at this Mojito Bar inside the corner of the shop but
my friends & I didn't order.

There are 5 flavours to choose for the ribs from: original
honey garlic
black pepper 
(RM32.90++ for Half Rack & RM53.90++) 

The other 2 flavours is flaming kansas city & bourbon sauce 
( RM38.90++ for Half Rack & RM59.90++). 

You have to pay different price for different ribs & that was really weird for me.

    Some decoration in the shop

I chose original flavour for the ribs & for me the taste was not as good as Morganfield's. This ribs had more bones than the one in Morganfields but looks small. Maybe it was because it was a small pig. 

My friend decided to choose honey garlic. We're sorry to say that we couldn't taste the flavours much. All the ribs come with 2 sidelines & you can choose from the menu. 

I had a high expectation
on the taste of ribs maybe because I tried the pork ribs in Tony Roma's at Singapore that was very
delicious and I cannot forget it. You can check back my old post about the ribs too:

F346, First Floor Rainforest,
1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing),
46150 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan



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