Friday, 26 October 2012

Restoran Lan Je (Kelang Lama) @ Taman Tan Yew Lai

Like what was said about myself, I like eating fish!
So my dad brought me to this restaurant. He has been waiting to take me there for some time now and we finally got to go!

The restaurant is called Restoran Lan Je (Kelang Lama) Sdn. Bhd.
They say they are pork-free, but it's safer to check if they are certified halal.
(I don't want to mislead you guys but I'll tag it as halal so you won't miss out, incase you end up actually liking this restaurant after all.)

It is a corner shop and a lot of people dine here. I think it is because it is in a housing area.
Anyway, it is pretty easy to spot.

What's so special about this restaurant?
Check out the picture below, if you know how to read Chinese.
Read the red characters on top of the picture.

It says, "One person one fish!"
Yi ren yi yu 
(The pinyin. You know what I mean. Heeeeee)

Yup, each person gets one fish all to himself or herself!

My dad and I are small eaters so we only ordered rice, fish (of course) and a plate of vegetables.

The fish we had was the Black Tilapia.
One fish costs RM 16.

The meat was smooth! Goes well with the sauce (of course -__-)
My dad said I cleaned off the fish better than he did.

The plate of vegetables we ordered was mostly bean sprouts topped with anchovies.
There are carrots and green vegetables in it too.
It costs RM 7 for one plate.
It was alright. I mean it's vegetables, it tastes like vegetables :P

I ordered a coconut to drink.
It is pandan flavoured. However, it was an old coconut so the flesh was very thick so I did not eat it.
Not that I did not try to. XD
If you don't try, you'll never know or you'll miss out.

The coconut costs RM 4.80.

It was raining very heavily when we finished eating so they took out their umbrellas to escort us to our car. They did that for the other customers too, which was really nice for me.

Another picture of the fish.


No. 29G, Jalan Dato Tan Yew Lai,
Off Jalan Puchong, 58200 KL


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Business hours:

Open Monday to Friday: 11am- 3.15pm, 6pm- 9.30pm

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