Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sweet Deli Station

My family and I like this restaurant and we usually come here for dinner.
I brought two friends to this place too and they said it's worth coming from Puchong to eat here in OUG.

The restaurant is called Sweet Deli Station.
It is beside Chatone, or I would say it's opposite The Baker's Cottage.
Sandwiched in between Plaza OUG and Central Market.

Their Benton sets are good.
The main meal comes with a bowl of soup, two watermelons, a small plate of mashed potatoes and eggs and another plate of fried wantan.
The portion was just nice for me. For my two friends, they were very full after that so as usual, it varies for individuals.

I will usually order their Lemon Fish or Marmite Fish.
However, I ordered Herbal Chicken Benton that day and it was good as well :)
Everything was cooked just right. 
It costs RM 10.90
You know sometimes there are shops that overcook their chicken meat but this chef doesn't. XD (the one I had in Station One was a torture, skinny chicken, almost no meat. All tanggal and lost somewhere.)

Ern and Ying, my sisters who are twins, ordered Scrambled Egg Sausage Benton.
It costs RM15.80
When Ern comes here,  she always orders this so it must say something good about this dish eh?
Ying is much more adventurous.

Another dish that  Ying likes and my dad ordered is called Salted Egg Steamed Minced Pork.
It costs RM 9.90

Ying also ordered a different drink this time.
The drink is called Chocolate Explosion.
It costs RM 5.80

We were able to drink from the chocolate wafer :P
It was tasty. Inside the drink, there's chocolate pudding.
For me, it was alright in the beginning but after some time, I just want the pudding to go away.
Too full lah.

89, Jalan Mega Mendung,
Taman United, 
Off Jalan Klang Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.


                                       View Larger Map   VQW6F7RKEX7F

Contact number:
03- 74512899

Business hours:
12pm to 12am
Closed every Tuesday

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